“Contraction directly precedes our natural expansion – if we let it, and don’t get stuck in the fearful space of survival.”

— Zoë K.M. Foster

I’ve lived a life of chronic illness – asthma, allergies, eczema, sinus infections, headaches (and later migraines), hyperhydrosis, irregular periods, chronic fatigue, manic depressive disorder – multiple conditions which required constant attention and which prevented me from living my life fully. 

It wasn’t until I started allowing my body to express what it most needed that I began to heal, from the inside out.

Unlocking the body’s true expression was a piece of pure alchemy for my entire life, and over the years I’ve seen JUST how powerful it is for everyone – literally everyone – who begins this process (and it IS a process!).

Taking up space matters. Learning to expand and contract in our natural rhythms and honouring of our ebbs and flows, literally breathes life into our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Healing requires – even demands – that we take up space, and we learn to use it well. Here’s my story – I’d love you to take a look and tell me your thoughts / feelings on watching it 🙂 <3

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