SacredExpression™ Yoga

Honouring and expressing the gold within
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In this magical half-day workshop (also available as a private 1-1 session), we combine deep presence with playful intent and pure, embodied creative* expression. Expect beautiful, flowing yoga, heart-rousing tunes, life-size paper and colourful pastels specially blended to bring you to a state of unexpected, joyful expression. *(even if you think you aren’t!)

Expressing the Gold Within

Moving the body with playful intention and mindfulness to feel alive in every cell, we use pastels, fluid yoga, music and life-size paper to express our deepest and highest selves through sacred geometry and human impulse.

Merging Jung’s work on kundalini energy, mandala psychology and self-expression with my own background in cognitive psychology and energy work, SacredExpression™ Yoga is a fully embodied and playfully immersive experience designed to unleash your deepest, truest and most aligned Self.

The needful thing is not to know the truth, but to experience it… to find our way to the inner, and perhaps wordless, irrational experience… nothing is more important than finding our way to these far-off goals

– C.G. Jung

Sacred Geometry of the Soul

Have you ever wondered how it might feel to draw sacred geometry from your own movement and self-expression? This is not thinking or contrived “art”, but intuitive, fully embodied soul-expression. Whatever turns up on the paper is what your spirit most needs to express in this moment.

There is so much possibility in this workshop for you, especially if you’re feeling lost and/or holding yourself back right now. SacredExpression™ Yoga works on the subconscious and deeply embodied level, where we can’t help but respond by opening and releasing, because our conscious minds and inner critics can’t reach us there if we allow ourselves to move into that deeper, intuitive layer of being.

It really is Alchemy!

Ready For Your Transformation?

Whether you have a desire to unleash your stifled creativity, explore your own source expansion (the gold within!), or simply have fun tuning into your own body whilst creating large-scale, sacred-geometry-inspired visuals, this fun and unique offering is for you!

In the body lies the gold, suspended in a dark matrix, waiting to be witnessed and cherished; only then can its fragments coalesce into a vibrant wholeness.”

—Tina Stromsted

1-1 SacredExpression™ Yoga sessions are now available via Zoom 🙂 Book yours here now!

2020-21 workshop dates are in the works – finally! Watch this space, or contact me for more info, or to request a special session for your group.

What to Expect & Bring

Mess, music & magic is where I’ll start. These sessions are all about unpeeling the layers of tidy conditioning that we have acquired over the years and which suppress our natural creativity and inner, infinite expression.

As a recovering “humble, tidy person” myself, I often struggle to cope with mess and apparent disorder, and that’s exactly why this form of creative release has been so extremely therapeutic for me!

‘“I’m not very creative” doesn’t work. There’s no such thing as creative people and non-creative people. There are only people who use their creativity and people who don’t. Unused creativity doesn’t just disappear. It lives within us until it’s expressed, neglected to death, or suffocated by resentment and fear.’

— Brené Brown

A Compassionate Space

I’ll never push you to do anything you feel uncomfortable with. Everyone who has attended my classes or worked 1-1 with me has given me the feedback that I am extremely compassionate and hold space for you to move forwards at your own pace. It is one of my highest values that you will at all ties feel nurtured, understood and encouraged in a positive, open-hearted space.

Likewise, this is what I ask of you to bring with you to these sessions, to hold the communal space for others to grow and flourish alongside you.

At the end of each workshop, I ask particpants for their anonymous feedback. Here are some of the wonderful comments I’ve received!

Awesome to be able to let go and let my inner child out to play, to be able to express without judgement. I feel relaxed, at ease, joyful!

This was transformative <3. What a fantastic experience, I’ve learnt to let go of the outcome – which is new for me! I feel connected & released, all in one delicious go! Thank you so much!!!

I found the experience powerful and empowering. I loved the connection I felt to other people and with my own creativity. It was liberating! Thank you x

This was so freeing. I feel connected to myself and ready to be creative. It took me a while to let go while drawing but once I got into it, it felt really empowering. Thanks xx

Colourfully invigorating & alive!! Inspiring.

The creative fire in my belly is well lit laughing

Feeling expressive! I really enjoyed it, and focused in on a few areas that I will draw into my stream.

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