About Me

Zoë K. M. Foster

Hey! I’m Zoë.

I’m a Life Energy Alchemist, and creator of Sacred Expression Yoga.

In my work now, I’m a Life Energy Alchemist – merging holistic hatha yoga with cognitive psychology and powerful tantric practices to seismically shift energy with life changing results.

I believe we are all golden beings of infinite light.

Learning to embody this ultimate expression of our selves brings infinite energy, freedom and healing into our lives.


Why I’m Here

I’ve lived a life of myriad chronic conditions, from asthma and allergies to eczema, chronic fatigue and migraines.

In 2013 my body – struggling under the burden of these worsening issues – was plunged into an intense healing crisis, for which no medical doctor could help me. Utterly desperate, I turned to the only tools I had – yoga, faith and gently learning to break myself open to heal from the inside out. As Brené Brown said,

“Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.”

The Qualifications Bit

At university I studied Linguistics (MA Hons) and soon discovered the interdisciplinary subject of Cognitive Science (MScRes with Distinction), which utterly fascinated me. I worked as a research assistant on several projects between the two departments, including links with Stanford, before giving it all up to pursue a career in academic publishing with Blackwell’s. Since 2006 I have been a self-employed creative and I added yoga teacher training (500hr Dip) to my repertoire in 2012.

I have been devoted to my own spiritual and emotional development for the last 10 years, and in that time have been blessed to work with a number of world-class mentors and teachers in a broad range of MBS disciplines, from functional anatomy and somatic embodiment to tantric and shamanic energy work. I adore the richness of this interdisciplinary potentiality and am always exploring new research and connections to create new insight for us as wellbeing alchemists! 

That Extra Magic

I was born in the same year John Lennon died. I’m one of “Thatcher’s Children”; a “Xennial”, and an Aquarian idealist. I grew up in rural Scotland and my childhood was spent largely inside an Enid Blyton or Canongate “Kelpie” book, or otherwise building treehouses and hiding in hay-stacks. I lived for books, stories, adventure and magic.

I’ve always followed my dreams, however confused they might seem. As such, most of my adult life has been very nomadic. Just a sample of my adventures include living in an old church in Scotland, a converted Renault Master in Shropshire, a half-built narrowboat in North Wales, and a cabin on a community farm in Cornwall. Since late 2013, we settled in beautiful Devon, in a very normal, red brick victorian terrace.

Other Incidentals I Love

Great quality dark chocolate, sometimes raw (Ombar is my absolute, dreamy fave!), Mushroom-and-adaptogen-fuelled coffee (hello Four Sigmatic), exploratory travel and cuddles with my darling hub and kiddos.

As featured on TUT.com

My story “How I Channeled a Mantra to Heal Me” was recently featured on TUT.com, and shared personally by Mike Dooley across his social media channels! Go read it here now (and while you’re at it, sign up to Notes from the Universe!).

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