Expand Your Identity Meditation


Resonate at the vibration you most desire. Rise up. You are becoming!

Who am I?
Breathe your way into expansiveness. This meditation takes you on a journey from your corporeal, physical manifestation, right out through the layers to your most infinite self. 

Leave behind your insecurities, self-doubts, worries and fears. Move your energy beyond your perceived limitations, conditioned beliefs and ego-driven contracted states. Ease yourself into your most infinite potential self, connected intricately to the entire living earth and cosmos.

Set to a background frequency of ethereal and gently uplifting binaural beats, Zoë’s calming voice guides you easily towards full self-acceptance, embodiment, gratitude and wonder as you continue to ask yourself “Who am I?”.

Equally perfect as a morning meditation to gear you up for an abundance-filled day, and a bed-time sleep meditation to programme your subconscious mind for unlimited expansiveness.

20 Minutes
Background theme “Eternal Positive Affirmations” by Dscorchd.

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