cherish your inner introvert

06 Oct You’re An Introvert – Now Rejoice!

There is too much shame and guilt around introversion, on all sides.

And I’m calling BS on it. I’m really, really, REALLY fed up of it.

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It’s not even an ‘exception to the rule’: it’s estimated that HALF of us are introverts, so we’re hardly a minority! And yet we live in a world where extraversion is king, where we are expected to be loud, fast, brash and confident.

Where decisions are made quickly.

Where multitasking is the order of the day.

Where it’s normal to talk across each other.

Where open-plan offices are considered ‘social’ and ‘creative’.

Where we are expected to be visible and available/ON, 24-7.

But what about the quiet ones? What about that 50% who work better alone, or in small numbers, who need dedicated and focused creative/working time? What about those of us who need time to process, reflect and come to decisions in a considered way? What about the thoughtful ones, the intuitives and empaths, the soul-driven creators? What about the huge number of us (extroverts too!) who burn out when we are expected to be available ALL the time?

Like any person who has reformed their habits, I’ve become passionate about spreading the message that INTROVERSION IS NORMAL. More than that, it’s actually pretty amazing!

As an introvert, you are more sensitive, intuitive and empathic. This means you have a natural ability to detect what is wrong with another person, or situation, and you also know exactly how to fix it! Moreover, you are capable of doing this in a caring, compassionate and heartfelt way.

That in itself is GOLD!

If only we CELEBRATED such talents instead of shaming individuals for being “too sensitive”!

As an introvert, you have an extraordinary ability to focus intensely for prolonged periods on work that fascinates and absorbs you. This means you are more likely to be a creative, especially one which produces great work, regardless of external circumstances or opinion.

Contrary to popular opinion, we introverts LOVE social interaction, and often have a rich network of friends. Where we differ is usually in the intensity and quality of our relationships – we tend to opt for a closer-knit group of loyal friends, and can be uncomfortable in large groups, especially where people don’t fall into our preferred ‘friend type’. This makes you a fiercely loyal, dedicated friend – one worth having for life!

You love to daydream, and imagine whole new worlds for yourself and others. In fact, you can easily lose yourself in your own thoughts and visions. You don’t need external stimulation. You are quite happy being an island, until it’s time to go out and be sociable again.

These traits are nothing to be ashamed of! Nothing to feel guilty about! Nothing to APOLOGISE for!

Because EVERY TIME you deny your natural introversion (which is NOT the same as someone else’s level or quality of introversion by the way), you are denying your inner SELF. Imagine berating a child for being, quite simply, themselves. Well… We do!

The child who likes to play alone? We discourage it.

The child who observes from the sidelines before jumping in and engaging? We apologise for them.

The child who feels OVERWHELMED when there’s too much noise, or busy-ness, or choice? We get impatient and tell them to get over it.

This is the product of an over-extroverted society. Which is IRONIC when half the population is, in fact, introverted.

And we carry the shame and guilt EVERY DAY, always feeling “less than”, always feeling somehow inadequate or inappropriately prepared, or just simply an outsider.

Always living kind of on the edge.

And that can be pretty EXHAUSTING, right? Whenever you deny yourself, your NEEDS, WANTS AND DESIRES as innate to YOU and who you ARE, then you waste reams upon reams of vital energy.

What a waste! All those resources which could be otherwise expressed in your TOTAL AWESOMENESS and in giving your AMAZING GIFTS to the world!


Let us demand to be heard, the quiet ones!

Let us be free; let us be ourselves. Let’s stop PRETENDING to be something we’re not.

Because we are ALREADY bloody fantastic.

And it’s time to honour that. It’s TIME TO ACCEPT our inner introvert, wholly and completely. It’s time to LOVE AND CHERISH her.

Just as you would your own child.

Be the introvert. Without shame or guilt or apology.

And let your energy, your vitality and your brilliance SOAR!