When you begin to really tune into what your body wants and needs, the results can be nothing short of miraculous.

Instead of fighting against a rising tide of symptoms all shouting at you for attention…

Instead of feeling totally trapped in your pain and wishing the torture would simply ‘go away’…

Instead of denying, ignoring or suppressing your symptoms in the hope that this will ‘fix’ the problem…

How about listening, instead?

How about surrendering?

How about, even, being a little curious? Or a lot?

And then, moving compassionately through the enormous urge to fight the pain and to somehow KEEP GOING, simply let go.

It will take great patience, great strength no doubt.

And there are powerfully simple techniques which can ease this passage greatly.

And so, moving PAST the fight-or-flight stress response, the body in its entirety moves into rest, recuperate and heal mode.

All because you CHOSE to stop fighting, denying and suppressing.

I just woke up from an unplanned (and pretty inconvenient) afternoon nap because my adrenals had decided to go into a stress response after lunch and I started sweating, itching, feeling incredibly tense all over and totally, inexplicably, wiped out.

Knowing what I needed to recover, I chose a cooling-breath practice and lay down on my darling (patient!) hubby’s lap. As an extra bonus, he stroked my head a little to help calm me.

Whenever I first start these practices – despite using them daily (sometimes hourly!) for several years now, my brain tells me IT WON’T WORK.

In fact, my internal monologue goes something like: “OHMYGOD I CAN’T DO THIS, I can’t, it’s not working, how will I EVER calm down? This is pointless, useless, I’ll be here for hours, suffering. I could be doing something useful. I NEED to be doing X, Y, Z… ”

And so on.

But I persist. Because I know. And I move gracefully through the urge to FIGHT – to squirm, to scratch, to hyperventilate, to work myself up and panic.

With every fibre, I sink deeper into the practice. I submit.

And pretty soon, usually within a few minutes, I calm down enough to fall asleep.

And let me tell you this, that feeling is DELICIOUS.

Of moving from HIGH STRESS & PANIC to CALM, SAFE & RESTFUL is the very definition of bliss.

Isn’t that a most INVALUABLE life tool?

My body has now had the benefit of a hour or more in REST, RECUPERATE & HEAL mode instead of PANIC STATIONS!! And now I feel GREAT!

Which is pretty incredible stuff. Imagine if we spent more time listening and responding to our body’s needs in this way?

Imagine what we could heal, change, turnaround almost EFFORTLESSLY?

The symptoms your body throws up… They’re not there to TORTURE you. Nor even to scare you. They don’t expect you to go and ask Dr Google what they mean – those little messengers are really pretty transparent, and all they ask of you is a compassionate, open and requiring mind.

Your symptoms are your best – in fact your ULTIMATE – teacher. Wouldn’t it be great to get on the same wavelength as them, to understand what they mean and be able to respond in the most EFFECTIVE and NURTURING way?

To aid HEALING rather than SUPPRESSION and denial?

It all comes back to your intuitive energy body.

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I am a Life Energy Alchemist, which means I help soul-driven women balance their natural energetic highs and lows and find their own rhythm – one that maximises both creative output AND self-care on a whole-person level.

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