Yoga & meditation with Zoë Foster,
Dartmoor/Devon, UK

Yoga & Meditation Devon

There is no greater self-development tool than yoga. It is the original life coaching, and the most holistic form of medicine available for all life’s ills – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

This might seem a very grand statement, particularly if you’re new to yoga. What makes this solid, scientific and universally true, is that all forms of yoga address not just the body but also the breath, mind, emotions, instinct and spirit. These five energy bodies create our total reality, and not simply one disembodied part.

What is particularly beautiful in this, is that you can come to yoga class simply to stretch or relax, and leave feeling as if your spirit has been freed, and your world has expanded in possibility!

Yoga has personally helped me to heal a variety of ‘incurable’ conditions, from manic depression through to chronic fatigue and even asthma. You can read more about my healing journey here.

What I Teach

I teach Hatha Vinyasa Yoga – a highly accessible style which focuses on cultivating strength, flexibility and stamina in mind, body and spirit. I am a qualified BWY 500+ hour yoga teacher with over 5 years of teaching (both online and offline), and almost 20 years of personal yoga experience. As a trained Cognitive Scientist, I emphasise the importance of mindset, intention and self-awareness as fundamental to your own transformation, however large or small.

Choose your level of commitment:
Yoga classes, Meditation Mornings or Private Yoga.

  • Yoga Classes: I currently run one weekly 90-minute class on the edge of Dartmoor, at Yurtcamp Devon. In this class you can expect to experience a ‘full’ Hatha Yoga sequence, including meditation, mobilisation and warm-up, core vinyasa-flow workout, pranayama and guided relaxation. Terms are themed, each class exploring different fundamental components of what it means to function as a confident, healthy and joy-filled human on this planet.
  • Meditation Mornings: Explore deeper themes in Zoë’s popular Sunday meditation mornings. These are a beautiful chance to up the ante on your self care and get to mingle with your yogi buddies over tea and cookies!
  • Private Yoga: Are you ready to find out exactly what yoga can transform in your life? Explore your options here!

Find out more about Zoë’s hatha vinyasa yoga classes in Devon, near Bovey Tracey, Newton Abbot and Liverton.

Meditation Mornings take place monthly, and are themed. Click above for full details and to reserve your place on our next morning.

Are you ready to take your practice deeper, or want to address particular personal issues a regular class can’t? Find out how to work with Zoë 1-1 here.