22 Jul Why the Drugs Don’t Work (and that’s a good thing!)

3 years ago I was on a cocktail of prescription drugs for my allergies and chronic asthma, eczema, and other random complaints. I spent a fortune at the pharmacy. Whenever I managed to get free prescriptions (like when I was pregnant), I’d make sure and stockpile some inhalers and creams and antihistamines. I feared ever running out because I knew what the repercussions could be.

I can’t believe I’m the same person now. Today, I don’t take any prescribed medication and haven’t been to the doctor in about 2 years.

One day, I simply looked at myself. At my life, at my medications, and I knew I’d been hiding something huge from myself for a long time: the drugs? They weren’t a-working.

Because the truth is, I’ve been asthmatic since I was about 2. And I’ve had eczema since roughly the same time I think. Sometimes it was better, sometimes worse. Some years I remember being hardly bothered at ALL by my eczema but my other allergies (like hay fever and sinus problems) were terrible – so terrible they would FLOOR me. I felt like such a hypochondriac I can tell you! Whenever I got a cold it was made worse by my reactions to it, and I’d be laid out comatose for days, maybe weeks. Yep, just for a COLD!

I was always the sickly child.

If you’ve been there, you know just how that feels. You think you will NEVER be or even FEEL healthy. You feel you are DESTINED to be weak and tired and as if you’re making excuses when really you’re just doing your best to stay AFLOAT. To feel vaguely normal…

The day I gave up my medications was the best day of my life, I tell you. What followed was more horrendous and exhausting than I could EVER have imagined. And it plumbed the depths of my reserves to the point where I wondered ceaselessly whether I’d done the right thing, especially when everyone around me (including my husband at the time) doubted me. But still, that day saw me TAKE CONTROL of my own health for the first time, and in return I was gifted a life I never thought possible.

I knew, instinctively, the drugs were NOT WORKING. Because I was getting worse. And every time I went back to the doctor, they just upped my medication. Nothing else for it, they would say. No other choice. NADA. You have to live with this and manage it.

I would come back with more and more pills, creams and inhalers.

And yet I still got worse. Sure, I’d have short periods of relief, and then I’d flare right back up again. My eczema spread – what used to be little pockets of itchy dry skin soon became large patches, spreading even to my face where I’d never had it before. My asthma got so bad I was taking my reliever constantly. My allergies worsened so much I had to take (and rotate) antihistamines every day. I also suffered from regular headaches, and started to get migraines.

I can’t believe I’m the same person now!

3 years down the line and I have NO ASTHMA – that chronic, life-long, “incurable” condition. GONE.

My hayfever? NON-EXISTENT. I had a few snuffles and sneezes twice this year, but that was on the highest pollen count days when EVERYONE was suffering. And for me it was really negligible. Miraculous!!

My skin still bothers me. BUT I now know WHY – and I am well on the way to healing it wholly and completely, inside AND out.

And all those myriad other complaints, big and small? Gone too. I am truly the healthiest I’ve ever been, even if I don’t look it!

I understand my body now. I listen, and it tells me exactly what it needs.

Before, I didn’t listen at all, I just gulped down pills or slapped on cream and hoped for the best. I berated my body when it fell apart or when it didn’t function the way I wanted it to. I beat myself up. I hated myself.

Now, I treat my body with the respect and compassion it deserves. I don’t view it as separate – something that can be tinkered with like a car, where if a part isn’t working you can just replace it or top up the fluids. At the beginning of my journey, I really believed the right nutrition would fix everything. And I clung to that belief, thinking maybe I just hadn’t found the right diet yet.

But we are so much MORE than just fuel systems.

EVERYTHING we take in to our body, mind, and soul, has the ability to HEAL or create further DIS-EASE. Everything is made up of ENERGY, and it is that energy which holds the real power.


Now I believe in a practical approach. So affirmations are great, for example, but they need to be PART OF a holistic framework for healing. Much like drugs won’t fix you completely, it’s unlikely affirmations alone will either.

When I went through my “apprenticeship” of healing, I began to appreciate just how much we separate the different parts of ourselves, treating them as entirely distinct and non-interactive. That is how modern medicine approaches healing. And unfortunately, for chronic conditions in particular, this is DESPERATELY NAIVE and DANGEROUSLY NEGLIGENT.

For example, most doctors will know that allergies, asthma and eczema are linked. But still they treat them as pretty much distinct, giving you different medications to suppress the symptoms of each condition.

Disregarding the fact each condition is in fact intrinsically connected to the others. So, when you suppress asthmatic conditions, the skin and other allergies flare to compensate. And vice versa!


Well just GUESS how much mess that makes in your system! When I started to heal, I quickly found JUST HOW MUCH DAMAGE those drugs had created in my entire body.

For starters, and most significantly, my adrenals (regulators or cortisol, the natural hormone suppressed when you use medically produced CORTISONE – intended by its Nobel-prize winning creators only ever to be used IN EXTREME EMERGENCY) were in a mess, resulting in chronic insomnia, panic attacks, profuse sweating followed by icy chills, rapid weight loss and on and on, peaking in near-fatal adrenal failure.

All because I’d been plied with drugs which were intended to be used AS A LAST RESORT, and NOT as an ongoing method for “managing” my conditions.

But our bodies – especially when supported by our OTHER energy bodies of the breath, the emotions, our intuition and our sense of a bigger purpose – have a truly MIRACULOUS ability to heal, even from almost complete organ failure.

During my “apprenticeship”, I learned a lot about my body. The kinds of things we are not taught, the kinds of things we are encouraged to suppress. The kinds of things considered “witchy” and “weird”.

Well, if that’s what it takes for me to live a life of FULL HEALTH, JOY AND WONDER, I will take that over drugs and standard education any day!

The drugs, let me tell you, will never work.

They are GREAT for short-term relief, and for EMERGENCIES. But long term? You are killing yourself, from the inside out. Slowly but surely, bit by bit, organ by organ, cell by cell. Your immune system shuts down.

When we stop believing in PARTS and start appreciating the WHOLE, we begin to have the key to TRUE… Click To Tweet When we stop believing we are IRREPARABLY BROKEN, we realise our ultimate potential and our bodies follow suit. When we start LISTENING to ALL FIVE ENERGY BODIES, of the physical, the vital, the mental and emotional, intuitive and spiritual – THAT is when we become WHOLE.

THAT is when we HEAL.

The drugs don’t work. They never will. Because they attempt to patch over one little part of one little system, disregarding the effects upon the whole.


Start treating yourself as such. Start NOW. Don’t wait until it’s too late. TAKE CONTROL of your health, and LIFE FORCE now! It’s absolutely and completely possible.

SURE, it’s a journey, and it will likely take you through some deep valleys. But then? You come out ON TOP OF THE WORLD – a genuine MIRACLE, because nobody thought you’d make it!

And CERTAINLY? Nobody ever even considered you would THRIVE.

Certainly not the doctors. Probably not even your family or friends.

IMAGINE proving them all wrong! IMAGINE showing YOURSELF what is possible!

I spent a good 3-5 years KNOWING deep within that my medications were making me worse. But I did nothing, because it was easier to ignore it. To hope it would magically resolve itself, it that the doctors would suddenly discover a miraculous new drug that made everything better.

Increasingly, I would use those medications and re-fill my prescriptions with a mixed sense of foreboding and despair – what was the alternative?

Today, I am healthier than I have ever been, and I continue to heal, from the inside out.

Not just diet. Not just well-chosen supplements. Not just yoga and exercise. But A WHOLE SYSTEM APPROACH.

I have changed. I am NOT the same person as I was 3 years ago. My very cells have changed. And my mindset has broadened and grown significantly. 3 years ago, I would have scoffed at what I now know to be irrefutable, fundamental and all-powerful FACT.

I am in control. My body – all of it – is mine; my organs, circulation, immune and nervous systems are learning to work efficiently by themselves. I am whole. I am not broken.

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DISCLAIMER: I am in no way advocating sudden termination of prescribed medications. It is imperative that anyone wishing to heal themselves fully does so in a mindful, compassionate way with as much physical, mental and emotional support as possible. The healing journey is intensely personal for each one of us, and it is vital to tune into your own inner guidance about what YOU need to reach your goals.

The key here is EMPOWERMENT. You have the magic within you to heal – KNOW THIS.