why is working with me different

03 Nov Why is Working With Me Different Than Any Other Coach?

For a start, I’m NOT a coach (shock-horror!).


  • A holistically-trained yoga teacher with over 500 hours of extensive training in EVERY area of yoga. This means I’m qualified to take you on a WHOLE-PERSON journey, from outer to inner and beyond! The tools I use are accessible to all, and I won’t ask you to get bendy (unless you want to).
  • A true alchemist, with my own journey serving as the basis for my teachings. I have – and continue to – walk my talk, every day.
  • A lifelong student and researcher, with 2 degrees (undergrad and postgrad) and an unquenchable thirst for ANSWERS to the chronic problems of our time.

My style? Compassionate, supportive, explorative and just a little kick-butt! I WILL call you out on your shit… But I won’t make you FEEL like shit, ever. I am your biggest fan, and it’s my mission to help you SHINE like the true star you are.