05 Feb Who am I to call myself an EXPERT on energy? (And why I can give you MORE than other ‘experts’!)

Last night I watched a live video stream from Chalene Johnson on upping your energy quickly. In full transparency, I found myself both interested and slightly irritated/triggered (though the video was great and I totally recommend it). You see, I’ve been spreading this message on “HOW TO ACHIEVE HIGH ENERGY FROM NOTHING” for the last 2 years. I started in a time when there was NOBODY else talking about this (or it was ONLY about nutrition and exercise), which I thought was crazy. For me, it was the cry for help I kept hearing again and again and again and YET the only answer for these desperate pleas was “PUSH THROUGH IT” or “Eat better!”.

So I started sharing MY story, and MY expertise in the area, very tentatively at first, because WHO WAS I to be putting myself forward as a leader? I remember VIVIDLY having conversations with my peers which went along the lines of:

Me: “I know EXACTLY what people need and how to get them started!”
Peers: “YOU DO! So go spread your message!”
Me: “But I’m a nobody. I can’t!”
Peers: “Just start! Make a name for yourself!”
Me: “Who would listen to ME?”
Peers: “We would! And others will get on board!”
Me: “Hmmmmm…”

And so I started putting out free challenges and writing more about energy. The problem I found is that while people resonated, they didn’t (on the whole) attach enough significance to the issue to do much about it. They weren’t being sold THE AWESOME & LIFE-CHANGING OUTCOME they most desired.

I used to chat to my mentors and buddies about a dream programme I had, taking creative women from permanently tired, wired and chronically lacking in confidence to fully energised, vibrant, in-flow and fully OWNING their worth as they stepped into their source-aligned adventure. I talked about it a lot before releasing a beta version of the course, and I remember the day I discovered a heroine of mine in the health & wellbeing world was also releasing a brand-new HIGH VIBRATIONAL AVATAR programme! I felt simultaneously irritated, exasperated and excited – you see, I KNEW if someone already that popular was moving into this field, then it meant more would follow – therefore helping to build the NEED and INTEREST for the topic.

Fast forward to now and you really can’t MOVE for energy challenges, courses and promises all over the online world. It really seems EVERYONE has at last embraced this deep, core need for MORE and HIGHER and CONSISTENT energy, not just physically but also on EMOTIONAL and SOUL levels. Two years ago, nobody was really offering such a thing.

And even now, while there are some FANTASTIC and really inspirational resources available on ‘high performance’, like Brendon Burchard, what I’m still seeing a lack of is ALIGNMENT.

Your energy, you see, is not a separate thing. It’s not something you can throw green smoothies and supplements at and hope to really step into your peak self. Your PHYSICAL energy is directly related to ALL your OTHER energies – vital/circulatory, emotional/mental, intuitive and spiritual. If any ONE (or more!) of these is being ignored, denied or suppressed in some way, your OVERALL manifested energy is affected.

The ideal here is to move each energy source into full alignment with the others. And it is ABSOLUTELY possible. It can EVEN be EASY!

However, in order to maintain that alignment, we need to instil daily habits to keep things tip-top and avoid falling down an energetic black hole. Moreover, it’s IMPERATIVE that we recognise what our own, unique, energy needs are. We STILL persist with the idea that energy should be MASCULINE – strong, forceful, pushy. But for the majority of women, this DOES NOT WORK for them, and they end up burning out – OFTEN. Moreover, many of those who suffer the most from a lack of vitality are also introverts and/or HSP/empaths. This means that they expend far, FAR MORE energy in any social situation than their extroverted counterparts. Simply walking into a supermarket can be exhausting and overwhelming.

What is needed here is an INTEGRATED and PERSONALISED approach to energy management and creation.

And it must be SIMPLE, accessible and easily absorbed by those who need it – because if you’re already exhausted and unmotivated, you don’t need to add to that burden!!

I know how it feels. I spent most of my life with chronic fatigue without even REALISING! I thought I was just a “low energy person”. I used to struggle to get up in the morning and when I got home from school I’d go straight for a nap. My favourite place was bed. Anything social exhausted me. And yet I’d quite happily go on 20-mile hikes with a heavy backpack on my own or in a small group. I’d also have spurts of creative energy which might last for hours, days or weeks, where I’d spend every waking moment fully focused on my pet project.

And then 3 years ago I decided to take control of my own health which was spirally downwards rapidly on all fronts. As a result I went through an intense healing crisis, part of which involved chronic insomnia for the best part of a year. I thought when I had babies who woke every hour at night that I knew what it felt like to be WIPED OUT. I was wrong! After a few months of NO SLEEP other than a snatched doze here and there, I was driven to discovering other ways of helping me to calm, rest and recuperate. And that’s where my yoga training proved PRICELESS.

By trial and error, I discovered how to fill up my energy banks EVEN WHEN I wasn’t sleeping! Using the Ayurvedic model of the 5 energy ‘sheathes’, I began to piece together PRACTICAL, EASY AND ACCESSIBLE ways to ALWAYS have access to a source of energy, no matter how dead I felt physically.

And then, by accident, I discovered the sheer MAGIC of alignment – what it felt like to have several energy bodies all firing together. It was like I’d discovered the real secrets of alchemy (and in truth, I had!)…

Today, my sleep patterns are still interrupted as my body slowly heals all the internal organ damage created by prescription steroids. My adrenals in particular are still very weak, and so I typically get around 2-4 hours sleep a night.

And yet SOMEHOW I keep going.

SOMEHOW I get up early, go through my morning routine, get the kids ready, make lunches, deal with typical mishaps and tantrums, drive 45 minutes to school, spend the day cafe-hopping whilst homeschooling my 6yo, writing, and running my business including client and team calls, doing school pick-up and driving home again, shopping, housework, snacks and evening meal for the kids, more housework and then dinner, study/more work and finally, relaxed hubby-time before bed.

It shouldn’t REALLY be possible. But it is. And I can SHOW YOU how!

I can help you ATTUNE TO and MOVE WITH your own, unique energetic rhythms.

I can help you discover which energies are MOST in need of your attention, and how to start refuelling them with minimal fuss or upheaval.

I can give you QUICK FIXES for flagging energy, such as switching tanks in an emergency.

I can help you IDENTIFY your key energy DRAINS and SPRINGS!

I can give you powerful yet simple tools to keep each energy bank TOPPED UP and avoid crashes.

I can guide you towards a more FEMININE means of energy management, which honours YOUR natural rhythms as well as those of the larger universe.

… And I can show you how to achieve the ultimate alchemy, ALIGNED ENERGY – and what enormous possibilities this will throw open for you!

If this sounds like JUST the kind of expert guidance you need, then give me a “HELL YES ZOË!” in the comments below.

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I am finally ready to own my expertise in this field. Are YOU ready to own YOUR adventure?