25 Aug TURNING THE TIDE – on egoism vs intuition

I have a huge dream. Many would say impossible. Plenty would argue it is pointless.

So why would I even try?

Why would I not listen to all those voices, telling me “STOP! Don’t be LUDICROUS! You’ll fall FLAT on your face! What good can come of it? Don’t be an IDIOT!”

Yet, more and more each day I’m letting go of all those voices.

Because I KNOW they are wrong. I KNOW that the realisation of the dream I have is not only fundamental to my own sense of fulfilment in life, it is – much more importantly – ESSENTIAL to the future health of our world.

This conviction is not new to me, but the difference has come from me ALLOWING that inner voice to shine through, to stop suppressing and mocking it. To STOP looking to external sources for validation.

This is not arrogance, but truth. Self-truth. And it looks VERY different from an egotistical approach to life. What we’re concerned with here, is NOT the fragile, weather-worn and easily-swayed ego which lives mostly in your head, BUT the energy in your GUT, your core – your hara, as the Japanese call it.

Yes, that voice you stuff down with carbs and sweet, refined foods and alcohol, the one you try at all costs to IGNORE, to avoid even acknowledging. MUCH EASIER to pretend it doesn’t exist, to scoff at the very notion of it, to belittle those who apparently tune into their intuition/gut/inner-voice/etc as somehow being “weaker” than us, and more foolish.

And all the while you suppress your own voice, as you get fat and lazy and multiply your chronic conditions year on year; as your relationships go through the same old cycles and you can’t figure out WHY; as you seem to be treading water whilst ageing at an ever-increasing rate of knots without ever yet really achieving anything…

I know, because this was MY life a few years ago. Sure, I’d done some cool things, I’d worked in successful roles, had tried my hand at this and that and had lived some pretty awesome adventures. But I had no PURPOSE. I had no DRIVE. I was ill frequently, from headaches all the way through to regular sinus infections (not to mention terrible allergies). And the FATIGUE that blanketed me on a daily basis was very real. It never really left me; instead it seemed to grow year on year.

At the time, I was so lost in the fog I had no idea what was wrong. But today, both problems and solution are crystal clear.

We have ALL got lost in the fog.
As a society – it even seems to be EXPECTED of us within our culture. We talk of hyper kids, wayward teenagers, burnt-out execs, mid-life crises, and the older generation living off a concoction of pills until their dying day as THE NORM.

We appear to accept this. This is “JUST THE WAY THINGS ARE”. This is “BEING REALISTIC”.

How bloody sad is this? Can’t you SEE how utterly messed up this state of affairs actually IS? What if I said to you “BEING REALISTIC” is no more and no less than PURE FEAR talking? That “realism” is just another word for a short-sighted denial of the bigger picture?

That perhaps IMAGINING POSSIBILITIES beyond your current realm of “reality” is actually SO FREAKING SCARY to you that you won’t even allow yourself to entertain the IDEA of those possibilities, let alone loosening the grip on your imagination!

I get it, I do. We are deeply conditioned to remain inside the status quo, and to avoid rocking the boat AT ALL COSTS.

I’m not saying you need to be Van Gogh or Sartre. Your vision need not be huge enough to CHANGE THE WORLD, but it SHOULD at least be big enough to allow YOU to grow, and bloom, and become the ultimate realisation of your inner self – that pure, true compass within which you currently ignore or push down.

THAT is where things really begin to change for you. And by extension? Everyone around you. You will see your relationships change – some dramatically, some less so. You will see your health gradually improve (even if it worsens at first) as you shed old layers of yourself. You will see your vitality start to strike out at every opportunity, like beams of sunlight piercing through the gloom of a dusty attic. You will start to feel ALIVE, because for the first time since you were tiny, you have PURPOSE, CLARITY and VISION.

You will also start to see through the SHAM of “realism”. The fog will begin to clear, and bit by bit, you will adjust your course. Sometimes you’ll get waylaid, or end up going backwards, or go on a huge diversion, but as long as you check in regularly with your inner compass, you will never go back to the mire. Every day will take you forwards in some small – or BIG! – way. And as you begin to look back, you will see just how far you have come, how much progress you’ve made, what you’ve overcome along the way, and how you’ve changed and grown.

Because you’re no longer living inside that box of “BEING REALISTIC”. You refuse to be limited by ideas of advancing age or a depressed economy, or even shitty weather. You now TRANSCEND those limitations, seeing them as EXACTLY that – ropes tying you down to the mundane, the “safe”.

And you see that “safety” for what it REALLY is now, too – a life based on fear of the unknown. A life tied to the “REALITY” our politicians and media want us to believe. (And they NEED us to believe, for their own survival!).

It’s time to break free. It’s time to TURN THE TIDE. What I long to see is a MASSIVE awakening in our world. So instead of tens or hundreds of people desperately trying to spread this message, it rapidly becomes thousands, millions, billions… And we turn our fate around. Completely and utterly. No longer shackled by our ridiculously limiting beliefs. No longer slave to the petty wrangling of our governments. To know, fully and openly, that we have the power WITHIN OURSELVES to change, to grow, to learn, to BE, to DO, to HAVE exactly – and WHATEVER – we want. To trust in without reservation and be steered by our inner compass towards our true selves, our ultimate realisation. To SERVE from a place of compassion, integrity, love and FIRE. YOU HAVE THIS POWER WITHIN. Each and every one of you. You can heal your life, inside and out – truly!

You absolutely do NOT need to settle for less. Your thoughts hold IMMENSE energy, and what you BELIEVE to be true is what you will EXPERIENCE.

Imagine what, then, is possible for you, and for US ALL! Imagine what illnesses and conditions we could ERADICATE. Imagine what terrible situations we could CHANGE for the better. Imagine our collective consciousness, fully awakened and FREE from all constrictions, being used for GOOD in our world.

Even as a sceptic, you have to admit, this is a better goal to have than REALISM.

All the top performers – athletes, entrepreneurs, artists, changemakers – strive for their ULTIMATE VISION, not for what’s “realistic”! This is exactly how they up their game, time and time and time again. This is how they keep improving, year on year. THIS IS HOW THEY CHANGE THE WORLD.

But you don’t need to be one of these visionaries to help. This is the real beauty of it.

Just learn to be you, from the core. Tune into that incredible POWER within. Learn to heed the quiet messages and IGNORE the noisy ego.

Together, we can turn the tide. We can make the change. Are you with me? I can’t wait to begin!

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