04 Sep THIS IS WHAT IT TAKES – On dedication and perseverance

(Disclaimer: it’s still school hols here so I’m writing this ramble while being constantly interrupted about Lego cars, paper doll outfits, cake and various other 4-6 year-old requirements. Your patience is much appreciated ).

Ever wish you could have SO MUCH MORE than you do now, yet it just seems TOO MUCH WORK?

Ever wish you could just PUSH RIGHT THROUGH a problem that is currently holding you back, and be DONE with it once and for all?

You’re not alone!

But here I suggest another option – one which might get you to LONG-LASTING results, moving UP easily to your next level, and without the PAIN!

This week has seen me revived again after a summer of feeling pretty snoozy, to be honest. I have deliberately given myself this time to help recover from my candida issues and also to move through a creative block I was experiencing. I’m pleased to say it’s been just the ticket, though I have felt frustrated and guilty at times that I wasn’t moving as fast or as logically as I wanted to!

Psychological blocks are interesting creatures. They hold you back in lots of sneaky ways, including the physical! In fact I’m pretty certain that many of my symptoms I’ve had have in fact been a product LARGELY of my fears of moving to my next level of productivity, exposure and success (“success” being a very subjective term here based upon my own goals and desires)

Just one of those sneaky beggars has been my relationship with comfort, food and exercise over the last 2 months. Although I’ve been eating well and extremely healthily from a MAINTENANCE point of view – and even beginning to repair my gut – this has not helped me move into my next level of energy and productivity. In fact, I went backwards a bit! Even accounting for die-off exhaustion and associated symptoms, I knew I could be boosting my energy in lots of ways but was simply refusing to. All the time whilst ignoring the fact. Yup! It’s true.

And actually, I’m fine with that, because I wanted to give my body and head – and all the gremlins around moving to my next level – time to adjust, without pushing or cajoling them. I instinctively felt I needed that, and know myself well enough that I REBEL against being pushed!

Here’s the thing: if you’re AWARE of your gremlins, you can PLAY with them!
Sometimes it’s NOT healthy just to “push through”. And often what’s needed is not more “navel gazing” either. Just like when you’re stretching your boundaries in a yoga pose, you need to ease into it, breathing deeply, allowing yourself to reach your limit and relax back a little, breathe deeply and ease back into the maximum stretch again – all the time knowing you can come out and rest at any time, or you can choose to deepen the posture in a mindful way.

YOU are in control.
At any point, you can choose comfort or differing levels of DIScomfort. You know at heart the discomfort will challenge and move you on, while the comfort will allow you to stay exactly where you are (or recede slightly). But you can choose. And you can play with your boundaries continuously- teasing and taunting your gremlins, surprising them, taking them unawares. And if needed, you can hide under the duvet from time to time too! But know this: ultimately, nothing changes without a little discomfort. You HAVE to test those boundaries if you EVER want to move forwards. Whether you want to lose weight, get fitter, write a book, clear a health issue, earn more money or become famous for something, I can tell you now that WILL NOT HAPPEN without getting uncomfortable!

We live in a seriously lazy and critical society now, where the majority of us believe we are only destined to do X for the rest of our lives, and anyone who manages MORE than this really gets your inner critics chattering! (Who does she think she is? I could never do that! She’s so BRAVE… I wish that was me. Oh boy, if only I had her money/support/nerve etc…). Yes, we ALL think like this – it’s human nature.

But if there’s one thing I ask RIGHT NOW: please, for the love of chocolate and all things great, DO NOT let these critics DEFINE you. DO NOT allow YOUR LIMITING BELIEFS to make you small-minded, either for yourself or others! Because what you believe is POSSIBLE in life stems from those beliefs.

BUT, the awesome news is you can stretch your boundaries around those beliefs, continuously! You can ease into them, try them on, move right to the max of your discomfort, relax back a little, then move back into the full pose, testing your boundaries again to see if they’ve moved at all… And in no time at all you will look back and see JUST HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME! What once seemed like an impossible hurdle now feels easy – or easIER – and you are already looking to the NEXT big step up, the next challenge on your list.

All you have to do is BEGIN. And have faith. And keep at it. Wash and repeat. Never give up. Never let those gremlins take control of WHO YOU ARE at heart. Never LOSE SIGHT of your ultimate goal – even if that is as simple as getting a bit more “comfortable” in a particular pose, or with a particular belief. And know that those who you ENVY are those who never gave up. They had their own challenges, but they kept going. That’s the ONLY difference! (And if you believe any different, you won’t ever reach that goal, because you don’t BELIEVE it’s possible for you).

Want to be thinner, fitter, more toned, healthier, have more energy and vibrancy?

Want to have a more intimate relationship, get on better with your kids, be a more engaged parent/partner/friend/lover?

Want to finally have that success you always dreamed of, however large or small?

It all begins here, with you.

Choose to take control. Choose NOT to be driven by your critics – internal OR external! Choose NOW to follow your core drives, and make the commitment to NEVER GIVE UP.

Then just watch the magic unfold for you.

If you believe you are DESTINED for a much bigger, richer life and are LIT UP by the possibilities unfolding RIGHT THIS MOMENT then I would love to get on a short Shake-Up Session call with you. Let’s get to the root of your fears and begin to unravel them – you will come away with a couple of easy action points and new insight on your ultimate path.

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