15 Nov The Light in Me Honours the Light in You

You and I and them? We’re just the same.

Just yesterday I was thinking about how the message that we ARE NOT DIFFERENT is prime right now, yet constantly overlooked. Maybe I knew what was coming. Or maybe it’s just that these happenings are EXPLODING all over the world. Not just Paris. Not just Beirut. Not just Syria.

We are each so caught up in our own shit and our default feeling is somehow that OUR lives are harder than anyone else’s.

How bloody arrogant! This is exactly how we end up with war.

You think you’re not responsible? You think that you can feel distraught about world events and even want to MAKE IT BETTER, and yet still stay in that place of feeling – even KNOWING – that we are all DIFFERENT?

It is union, not separation, which heals. It is empathy, understanding, compassion, communion, and recognising the light inside each being as similar to the light inside yourself.

I don’t agree with the ideas or politics of many people. Sometimes I’d say I’m in complete opposition. That doesn’t mean I can’t honour them and their path. Yes, EVEN IF I think they are WRONG!

Putting up barriers is the fastest way to war in any relationship, whether it’s with yourself, your child, partner, parent or another country.

We are not fundamentally different. We are at source the same. Exactly the same. It’s time to remember that and USE it to create a future we can be proud of.

#worldpeace #bethechange #union #namaste