13 Jan Stuck In A Wobbly?

How often do you feel out of sync with yourself? Where you always seem to be acting from a place of indecision – should I do THIS or THAT? What would happen if I said YES to this, and what might happen if I said NO? What if I make the WRONG CHOICE? What if it all goes terribly awry?!

If you find yourself in this place then it means your INTUITIVE energy is depleted. You simply don’t trust yourself, and end up questioning your instincts regularly.

It’s so common to feel this way, so please don’t despair! We’re conditioned to believe in the weighing of PROS AND CONS above listening to our gut instinct. And we’re so out of practice as a society that we often don’t even notice the subtle nudges our body gives us – a twinge here, a nauseous feeling there, a warm glow, a leap of the heart…

Fortunately you can begin to tune into these easily with practise, just like going to the gym and getting used to squats or swimming lengths. At first you may doubt your ability – or anyone else’s for that matter! But gradually you begin to get more confident, more comfortable, you start flexing your muscles more readily, pushing yourself further and more strongly. Before you know it, you’re pretty au fait with the whole thing and you begin proclaiming the wonders to everyone around you who will listen!

Wouldn’t it feel WONDERFUL to trust yourself?

Wouldn’t it be AWESOME to be able to interpret your body’s subtle messages and know EXACTLY how to respond?

Wouldn’t it be MAGIC to automatically choose the path of least resistance?

The brilliance here is that you can – anyone can! And you can start off with small, simple steps. Find out more by joining the #ShakeUpYourCrazy energy turboboost challenge – for women who want to shake themselves out of their current lethargy and lack of mojo, and jump straight into purpose, passion and flow!

Join us today, right here: facebook.com/groups/thesecretsorority

I can’t wait to meet you and help you to live life in full, technicolor glory