21 Jun Stress Is Not Inevitable.


Stress is an automated response, and is useful in acute situations where you really DO have to act quickly – FIGHT, FREEZE OR FLEE. If you have a drunken driver heading straight for your car, then you’re going to be pretty thankful for that stress response.

However, our modern brains and bodies live in a state of CHRONIC stress – we pretty much jump from stress response to stress response, one after the other, and the triggers may be as slight and completely non life-threatening as the alarm going off, or your kid dropping toast on the floor.

As you can imagine, this EXHAUSTS our ability to function on a normal level AND it exhausts our natural response to stress, so maybe when that drunken driver IS heading towards you, you don’t react fast enough to get out of the way in time.

Here’s the saviour though:

while our emergency stress system may not have evolved as quickly as our modern lives demand, WE HAVE. In other words, we have the ABILITY already to CONTROL our stress responses.

Stress is NOT INEVITABLE. And living in a CHRONIC STATE of stress is both highly undesirable AND unnecessary.


Unfortunately most of us don’t realise this – we tend to think that “stress happens TO us” and that events are the CAUSE.

Untrue! Your ASSOCIATIONS are the cause. Why would your mammalian brain think that your kid dropping toast on the floor is a SERIOUS threat to your (or their) survival? The real trigger is BEHIND that event, and what it means to YOU ultimately.

So how can we change this unhealthy relationship with stress?

Well, first up, we need to STEP BACK, wake up, and smell the coffee.

In other words, NOTICE what triggers you – in your body as well as emotionally. For example, if you have coffee as your FIRST drink of the day…

Or maybe you feel stressed AS SOON as your alarm goes off (or your kids wake you up!).

Or someone cuts you up in traffic. And maybe they give you the finger. Well SURE that’s going to trigger a saint. But you STILL HAVE CONTROL. You STILL have the ABILITY to deal with that in a non-stressful way. I promise you!

So, secondly, think: WHAT CAN YOU CHANGE to help you NOT feel triggered in that situation? What would make it EASIER for you to cope? What could you do to RELEASE in a positive and healthy way?

Take the alarm-clock situation. Could you change your alarm tone so it’s more soothing, or even more FUN? Like playing your favourite song, or choosing something that just feels kind of silly, like church bells, or calming like a meditation gong sound!

Then you start to change your mindset around that trigger. It is actually as EASY as CHOOSING. So instead of waking and feeling automatically negative and stressed, you CHOOSE to feel relaxed, you CHOOSE to make a positive intention for the day, you CHOOSE to take a few deep breaths and stretch gently rather than jumping straight out of bed, EVEN IF the kids are yelling for you (can you tell I have experience of this?!)…

It’s YOUR CHOICE how you react.

And there are some FUNDAMENTAL TOOLS & TECHNIQUES which are going to be key in making these healthier choices.

The good news? They are EASY and QUICK to implement.

IMAGINE if you could cut your daily stress in HALF at the very least!

IMAGINE if you could ENJOY your relationships – with your partner, your kids, your extended family (even the most ANNOYING AND IRRITATING ones!) and get the BEST from them, every day!

IMAGINE if you automatically are healthier, exercised more, and felt fitter and happier simply BECAUSE you’d reduced stress in your life?

IMAGINE ridding yourself of OTHER chronic conditions, also as a knock-on effect!


Chronic stress is CONSIDERED ‘normal’ in our lives, but it is the root cause of the majority of our health and wellbeing issues – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Fix the chronic stress and you FIX YOUR LIFE!