17 Feb STOP PUSHING THE ELEPHANT Or, How to make life EASY for yourself!

Do you find you spend most of your life struggling? Feeling like you are constantly trying to push a reluctant elephant up a very big hill?

If so, you’re definitely not alone. For whatever insane reason, we have chosen this to be our default setting as human beings. But it is definitely not the path of a deliberate and CONSCIOUS creator…

I was reminded the other day, as I fell back into old habits and patterns of negative thinking, that we ALWAYS have a choice as to how we approach life. And it’s SO much simpler than we allow ourselves to think…

It really is as simple as choosing one, or ALL of the following feelings:


just imagine, if you chose right now to feel JOY in your body…

To feel PEACE in your mind…

To feel LOVE in your heart….

To feel GRATITUDE in your soul…

How different might your life turn out to be?

If that all seems too much, then why not choose just ONE of these vibrations and begin there? Start with your breath, feeling gratitude. Move to your body, your mind and heart, and finally your spirit/soul… Feeling gratitude and wonder for the vastness of possibility available to each of us in this world, and universe…

The ego puts up a big fight. Inevitably it brings up all the objections as to why THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE for you. And guaranteed, YOUR problems/objections are bigger than everyone else’s (because that’s the WHOLE POINT of an ego!).

But WHAT IF you chose to look beyond that? To peep around the corner in curiosity?

What if you stood there, on the edge of the canyon, gazing down at the incredible flight path ahead, as you gently, tentatively, begin to flex your wings?

What have you REALLY got to lose?

And what to do you stand to GAIN?

Do you remember how you felt when you were deeply in love with the partner of your dreams? No matter what came after, can you remember that vibration and how it lit up your WHOLE LIFE? You felt untouchable, light as a feather, as if anything and EVERYTHING was suddenly open to you?

That is the vibration of LOVE. That is our HIGHEST ENERGY. And that is why it is SO powerful!

You don’t NEED to be a crazy, dancing, caffeinated image of perfection to follow your soul-aligned dreams.

You don't NEED to be a crazy, caffeinated image of perfection to follow your soul-aligned dreams. Click To Tweet

You can simply BE YOU!

Be YOU, in the vibration of LOVE…


or all of the above!

Start where you are and consciously, deliberately, change your vibration to one of these. Bit by bit, with determined patience and dedication.

And before you know it, you’re there. Flying high on the disc of HIGH ENERGY, where manifestation of all you desire is almost effortless (Almost!).

THIS is what the High Flyers’ Troupe is all about – getting each part of you aligned with your bigger vision, clearing limiting factors out of your path, giving you the tools to recognise stumbling blocks and get right back up again, and most importantly, honour your own unique rhythms, needs and desires.

When each part of you is flying high, your big vision can’t HELP but be realised!

I created the High Flyers’ Troupe for women like me.

  • Those who have suffered or continue to suffer from chronic illness and fatigue.
  • Those who have a million and one responsibilities pulling them in all directions.
  • Those whose creative spirit takes them on a constant rollercoaster of highs and lows.
  • Those who desperately seek more for themselves: adventure, recognition, fame, The Good Life…
  • Those whose soul will not rest until you move through your fears and create your New, Bold Story…

Whatever is holding you back, you have the magic within to MOVE THROUGH it and FLY HIGH!

Remember: high vibration energy = LOVE, PEACE, JOY, GRATITUDE.

Can you feel those in each area of your life? If not, you have work to do!

And we can help. We have 4 magnificent guest experts (plus me!) to get you in the vibe in each specific area of need.

All the tools, all the support, all the love.

A sisterhood to lift and inspire.

Be the high flyer you know you are inside… Make life EASY for yourself.

Stop pushing elephants!

Join us now: tinyurl.com/HighFlyersTroupe

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This is your time. Embrace it.