31 Aug MY ZONE OF GENIUS and what I can offer you

It’s here – Life Energy Alchemy is LIVE!

I am your go-to person if you are feeling stuck, low, lethargic and yet have a BURNING DESIRE to create a life filled with ADVENTURE, MAGIC and INSPIRATION.

As part of my re-brand I have been thinking hard about how I want to work with my awesome tribe of women. And it always comes back to community. That is where I feel happiest – when I am serving a strong, supportive group of like-minded women all rallying around a joint cause. For example, My free Facebook group, The Secret Sorority of Life AlchemistsThe Secret Sorority of Life Alchemiststy) brings together a group of incredible, soul-driven women to commune, bare their innermost selves and support each other to create big change in a quiet, empowered way. This is how we change the world, bit by bit!

My main love is writing and yet I have been denying it for too long. So I will be doing a LOT more of that over the next year. I already have 2 books on the go (one fiction and one non-fiction), and a few ebooks in the works. Expect to see a lot more of me in print :)

I also intend to branch out into speaking – which is NOT my forte at all! But I feel that my message needs to be SEEN AND HEARD as well as read.

I’m already working on my podcast (some FABULOUS interviews lined up for you!) but I know that you want to see me, to connect with me and who I am at heart, and the power of video lets us do that. So I’m going to be pushing myself out of my comfort zone, our from behind the screen, and into the way of the camera through both formal and informal videos – some more polished and some totally raw. I may need some extra support from YOU to help me do this

YES – Periscopes are COMING! I want you to HIT ME with idea and requests for scope topics so I can really serve you whilst also pushing my own boundaries! Over the next few months you can also expect to see me roll out some really exciting and powerful signature programmes. These have been a while coming because I needed to get my IDEAS and PASSION into alignment with my true zone of genius. I’ve let go of many ideas because I knew I just wasn’t the right person to do them justice. And I’ve embraced other ideas which, quite frankly, I HOPED were not mine to offer!

Yes, even I get caught up in ego, and the thought of putting myself on the line for what I TRULY BELIEVE IN actually does scare the bejesus out of me! But in order to live a fully aligned, authentic and fulfilled life, it’s my job AND my dream to bring those BIG SCARY IDEAS to fruition.

I hope that you will support, encourage and even JOIN ME on my journey

If you’re in a place right now where you feel like you just need things SHAKEN UP for you, to gain a little clarity on where your energy is being zapped and exactly HOW you can start to fix those drains for yourself to feel more consistently impassioned, enthralled and purposeful, then book a free chat with me now. Let’s shake up your stale energies and really get to the CORE of your inner fire. Book your shake-up session now >>>