As a yoga teacher and cognitive scientist, I understand the power of the mind and its ability to transform the most fundamental details of our being, and lives.


But as much as ‘mindfulness‘ is becoming a rapid trend in wellbeing, I still feel as if there’s something missing. If we were all able to meditate consistently and effectively every day, there is no doubt that the world would change exponentially for the better. Yet this one change in our daily habits continues to elude most of us. And here’s why:

We forget that long-term good habits come from being confident and comfortable in ourselves, and our ability to work through our own blocks. Meditation helps us to shine a light on the thought processes behind the habits and behaviours we feel stuck with, and helps us to compassionately move through them.

We're a whole system: body, breath, mind, power and spirit. To initiate real transformation, you… Click To Tweet

But I believe seated meditation is NOT enough to create this lasting habit change for the majority of us. That’s why my Devon Meditation Mornings at Yurtcamp Devon include a fun, yoga-based warm-up to get your energies shifting, plus dedicated pranayama (conscious breathing) practice for increased self-awareness and control.

We’re a whole system: body, breath, mind, power and spirit. To initiate real transformation, you need to honour all five parts.

So what can you expect from one of Zoë’s classes?

To begin with, each session is based around a theme, such as the upcoming ‘Accessing Your Core Power: Soul Connection’ August event. Similar to a yoga class you will start in simple mindfulness meditation, followed by a fun warm-up to get your energies moving. There’s a short break for mingling, tea and cookies, and then you dive into deeper guided meditations and a long, blissful relaxation. Zoë also draws on her cognitive science background and personal development teachings to give you an inspiring and educated context to your personal exploration.


Classes can be pre-booked for just £10 via my secure Monzo link, or by direct bank transfer. You can also pay by cash on the day (£11), subject to availability.

Meditation helps us to shine a light on the thought processes behind the habits and behaviours we… Click To Tweet

Upcoming Meditation Mornings

Sunday 20th August, 11am – 12.45pm: Accessing Your Core Power: Soul Connection

We’ll be continuing the theme of core power this Sunday by looking specifically at our soul connection and how that affects our physical, mental and emotional balance, strength and resilience. And as ever, we’ll be exploring techniques and tools to deepen that connection in an authentic and integral way. Prepare to surprise yourself!

Reserve your place now (places limited!) by paying via my secure Monzo link* here:

[ | Book Now (£10)]

Sunday 17th September, 11am – 12.45pm: (Theme TBC)

Sunday 15th October, 11am – 12.45pm: (Theme TBC)


What to Bring
  • Yourself and comfy layers!
  • A yoga mat if you have one (a few spare mats are available)
  • A blanket for relaxation
  • A mug for teatime

If you have any questions, concerns or would like to discuss your personal requirements, please just .

Past Meditation Mornings

  • Sunday 16th July: Expanding Your Bliss: The Leap of Faith
  • Sunday 25th June: 
  • Sunday 21st May: Love Language: How we talk to ourselves (in mind, body & spirit)
  • Sunday 23rd April: Upgrading Your Emotional Experience
  • Sunday 19th March: Creating & Maintaining Healthy Emotional Boundaries 
  • Sunday 26th February: Reconnecting with Grace and Ease
  • Sunday 15th January 2017: Motivation & Momentum: nurturing your inner drive & self-belief
  • Sunday 11th December 2016: Sensing Your World, with Special Chocolate Ceremony
  • Sunday 20th November 2016: Opening Up to Ease, Flow & Abundance in All Forms
  • Sunday 16th October 2016: Meditations on Love & Fear – reclaiming your inner self


Private Bookings

Create your very own special event by booking a meditation morning for you and your friends, colleagues, employees or other group. !


* Monzo is an online banking app a bit like PayPal, only more user-friendly and without the high transaction fees. I switched recently and love it, but appreciate you may not have heard of them yet. If you’d rather pay by bank transfer, email me at zoe [at] lifeenergyalchemy [dot] com.