22 Aug It’s Your Party (and you can cry if you want to)

I feel your pain. I sense your immense frustration. I can hear you say that THIS – in your life right now – is all pretty damn unfair. I get that, I do. I REALLY DO. (I really, really, really do).

You want to live life in FULL HEALTH, knowing that you have boundless energy for today, for every day, and long – far – into the future.

You want to be bubbling over with JOY and a sense of LIGHTNESS and EASE. Everything just falls into place so easily for you. You’re so goddamn lucky!

You want your relationships – with your kids, your parents, your partner, your friends – to be FULFILLING, or at the very least, simple. No more complex bartering of affection or guilt. If a relationship is constantly draining you, you know it’s time to let it go, and move on.

You want to live in a constant flow of abundance, of all sorts. And money? That too. It flows through you easily, and you are never left wanting.

Wouldn’t that be great? Wouldn’t that feel magical?

And yet it probably feels TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. An unlikely story; not gonna happen – not for you anyway.

Others may be lucky, but not you. YOU are the exception. YOU are the permanently unlucky one.

And yet, there is a glimmer of hope. I see it! You’re trying to deny it but it’s there, deep down. If you’re being totally and utterly honest with yourself you KNOW that this is NOT “it” – this is NOT “your lot” in life.

There is so much more. Just waiting round the corner, for you to decide to take it.

Because that is ALL it takes, honey.

Just one choice. And follow-through.


What do you CHOOSE to have at your party? Who is gonna be there? What food will you eat? How much dancing will you do – and who with, and where?!

OR will you choose to sit and cry in the corner, sulky because X person didn’t show up or because you broke out in hives, or the cake isn’t gluten free?


Yes, you can cry if you want to. Yes, if that’s your game. If you think that’s gonna get you what you want.

Is it?

What you focus on is what you get MORE of.

So will you continue to stamp your feet and pout, lamenting how UNFAIR you life is, or will you CHOOSE to live differently?

How would that look for you?

(Remember: it’s YOUR party!)

Who will you commit to BEING from now on?

What will you commit to DOING from hereon out?

And what are the things you will commit to HAVING in your life?

Tell me in the comments below and let’s get this party STARTED for you.

IF you’re ready, that is.

IF you have chosen to take RESPONSIBILITY for your own life.

IF you’re done with complaining.

This is YOUR PARTY my friend, and YOU are the life and soul of it, so step on up and MAKE IT COUNT.

What’s the alternative?

(If that’s your jam, then go and roll in it. Wallow, cry, and blame your “bad luck” on the politicians, the health service, your schooling, parents, economy, weather). Get yourself niiiiiice and sticky right there, in that mire.

OR, take a stand now. Draw a line in the sand and say “ENOUGH!” –


“I will do WHATEVER it takes.”

“I will do the INNER WORK necessary.”

“I will stop MAKING EXCUSES.”

“I will start LOOKING AFTER my body, my mind, and my spirit.”

“I will commit to GROWTH, GRATITUDE and JOY.”


“And WHY? Because I CHOOSE to!”

“I choose to make MYSELF a priority – inside and out – and I choose to take FULL responsibility for how I show up. And I CHOOSE to grow more of what I WANT and less of what I DON’T WANT.”

“It’s my party. And one way or another, it’s gonna freaking ROCK.”

If THIS is your mantra, then come on in and join the tribe! We’re right here waiting to support you in your new life. We’ve got your back, and we’ll give you all the love, compassion, inspiration and PUSH that you need to move you forwards. Jump on in now >>>>