its ok to be hard

10 Nov It’s OK For Things To Be Hard


For so long, I thought I was resisting it being ‘easy’. I thought I was blocking myself because I felt it NEEDED to be HARD…

And then, I had a major reality check.

I WASN’T addicted to it being hard. I WASN’T resisting it being easy.

In fact? Deeper below that feeling of “it needs to be hard” was a feeling of entitlement.

I felt ENTITLED to it being EASY!

And THAT is what was been blocking me, for so long… And in no small way, believe me!

Do you ever find yourself wondering:

  • When will it be MY time?
  • What ELSE do I have to do to make this work?
  • How much MORE of myself do I need to give?
  • How DIRE do things need to get before they turn around?

If so, then you may be working from a place of entitlement.

Deep down, you feel it SHOULD BE EASY.

(Or easier!)

Well I just want to say:
It’s OK for it to be hard!

Yep. Instead of it being ‘OK for it to be EASY’ – it’s OK for it to be HARD!

When you’re in your least favourite yoga pose, or the hardest part of your workout, there’s a big part of you that is simultaneously addicted to the struggle whilst also wanting desperately to break through it – right?

You want to push, and you try to relax/surrender. But deep down you’re frustrated and impatient. You want it to be EASY!

So change up your mantra. Change up your outlook. Approach that pose/workout/money issue with a new perspective:


And when you accept that fully, the ease soon follows…

You release. You relax. You let go of EXPECTATION.

You actually enjoy where you’re at, in all its glory (however hard a place that may be).


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