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25 Jul How to understand your body’s addictions and triggers

This week I realised just how much food is still a stress trigger for me.

Not having or eating it, but the possible LACK of it.

During the most intense phases of my healing crisis, I would need to eat regularly to keep feeding the crazy metabolism that was trying to rid my body of toxins and heal my damaged organs. At my worst I required about 6,000 calories a day including a tonne of healthy fats and protein. It’s the ONLY time in my life I craved (and needed) eggs for breakfast every single day.

But all of this has left me with a problem: on an up-cycle, when my body is doing so marvellously inside and out, those food anxieties are still there.

If I believe I will have to ‘do without’ for more than a couple of hours, I freak out.

At home, I eat something every hour, even if it’s a couple of dates or an oatcake.

And although I’ve put on a few pounds recently because of this, I recognise this is not the REAL problem…

I need to break free. Release the anxiety and stress trigger that food (or lack of) has become for me.


I’ve handled my cycles incredibly well – some weeks needing to eat much more fats and protein and overall calories, other weeks feeling much better fuelled by greens and simple carbs.

I wish everyone could feel so attuned to their nutritional needs. Though perhaps without the craziness…

The truth is, getting super comfortable with your rhythms and listening intently to your body’s needs as well as recognising your addictions (mine is chocolate) is crucial for your ultimate wellbeing and holistic health. Without these awarenesses you are simply never going to break free from your own food triggers.

Sticking to a diet or plan only takes you so far – and essentially keeps you from understanding your OWN body, through all its varying cycles.

There is a flexibility that we lack when it comes to our bodies and lives, and the more stressed or anxious we get, the more rigid we become in our attitude.

This is why yoga is a magic cure-all – not because the relaxation at the end is like balm to your weary body and soul, but because it trains you to adopt a more flexible APPROACH in life. With your body, your emotions, your relationships, and your ultimate life plan.

This gives you the enviable tools of RESILIENCE and ADAPTATION, so that whatever life throws at you, you are able to move gracefully through it.

That’s real alchemy.

I know I will gradually attune myself back to a healthy, non-stressful relationship with food. Awareness is the first step, and getting really honest with yourself without criticism.

From there it’s relatively easy!

What are your body triggers? How can you take awareness to them today? What new information will you discover about yourself as a result?