14 Aug How to deal with the pressure of living on high when you feel like crap

The last few months I’ve been running on a consistently lower vibration than I’d have liked. Instead of operating at 95-100% vibrancy, it’s been more like 40-60%. And I won’t lie, I’ve felt like a hypocrite – going on and on at great length about living your highest life, and BELIEVING it, yes, but not exactly FEELING it myself.

It has made me feel kind of a fraud… And yet at the same time, there was a niggling feeling that this was NOT the whole story. After all, I was powering through a tough time, staying at a 98% rate of optimism and faith, whilst still managing to look after my base needs, my family’s needs, my work’s needs… And above all, feeling (mostly) pretty good about it all.

How many can say that is true, even when times aren’t particularly tough?

I stopped to chat to my neighbour this week for the first time in ages. Usually we are passing each other on our way to work/the shops/wherever and don’t stop, but this day I did, just for a few minutes. Almost immediately I found myself wishing I hadn’t, because everything that emanated from her entire being – words, attitude, expression – was extremely negative. I was genuinely shocked, because I’m so used to having conversations on a vastly different plane. For me, dwelling on gossip, repeating rumours, whinging about the weather or next door’s cat, and prying into other people’s affairs with no constructive agenda – none of this has any place in my life now. It is negative energy which DRAINS ME, inside and out. And although I’m aware I’ve become more sensitive to this in recent years (or simply more conscious?) it genuinely amazes me that more people don’t realise the effects of this kind of negative energy.

Firstly, it makes you feel like crap! It’s an instant DOWNER, and over time this negative energy builds up to create chronic problems. Depression of course, chronic fatigue too, but also very PHYSICAL symptoms such as migraines, joint or muscle pain, IBS, hormone imbalance… You name it, you can create it.

And yet, when you’re ALREADY feeling like crap, it can feel like a pointless exercise to even BEGIN climbing that mountain (BELIEVE ME, I KNOW!). Often it seems like there will just be no end to the effort required from you, and so what’s the point?

Um, well, just that instead of feeling like you’re operating at minus 98% effectiveness and vibrancy, you could AT LEAST be reaching 0-60%. Yes, you might still feel ‘flat’ most days, but that’s a whole tonne better than sinking into an abyss, right?!

And you know what? The more you PRACTICE, the easier it gets. And with daily, even HOURLY practice, you are building a solid foundation for your new growth mindset. So each time you slip, you’re not falling all the way back down the hole again, just a few steps.

Want to know how you CAN give a fuck to raise your vibration when you feel like shit?

Try these 5 things for starters:


  • Remove Expectations
    From the outset you have to give yourself a frigging break. If you want to feel like Oprah but you are currently the energetic equivalent of a slug, there’s a fair bit of work you’re going to have to do to get there. Don’t LOWER your expectations, just get rid of ’em! Stop focussing on the outcome and simply start doing the work.
  • Flood Your Senses With Inspiration
    Instead of trying to STOP partaking in negatively charged activities, flood out these activities with stuff that fills you with joy and inspiration. Eat sensuous, nutritious food, read thought-provoking books and blogs, watch heartwarming and highly motivating videos and Periscopes, listen to deeply moving interviews and podcasts, wear clothes that feel beautiful against your skin, burn scented oils or incense and add essential oils to your bath. Do everything you can think of to flood your very cells with positive energy, and the negative stuff will be naturally swept out and away.
  • Talk Nicely to Yourself
    How you treat or talk about others is often a direct reflection of how you treat and talk to yourself. So next time you catch yourself bitching about how stupid you are or grimacing at yourself in the mirror for being too fat, just stop and take a long hard look. Then turn it around. If you can’t bear to be all-out nice to yourself, just try saying “Even though I hate how [insert personal issue here], I deeply love and accept myself”. If you’re a fan of EFT, you can tap on it too.
  • Quit the Excuse-Making Game
    Making excuses is EXHAUSTING. Honestly, I really don’t see why we bother. It’s SO much more fulfilling to just OWN our mistakes and misdemeanours. Instead of “oh honey I’m sorry I spilt wine on the floor but the cat got in the way and then I tripped on that stupid toy which the kids left out and….” BLAH BLAH BLAH. So what? Everyone makes mistakes. Just own it, and see how much BETTER that feels, especially once you get used to it. It’s a RELIEF honestly! “I’m sorry, my bad”. Done.
  •  Live As If
    This is where most people trip up I think. They make this WAY more complicated than it needs to be. Again, REMOVING EXPECTATIONS is key. So stop imagining your first experiments need to be perfect. Wherever you are, simply START living “as if” now. Most likely, this means incrementally changing things for yourself. So for example, if you WANT to feel fully vibrant and healthy, but you are struggling with a number of health issues, then imagine his you’d live your life as a vibrant, healthy person, and do what you can to live in that manner. Maybe that means being CONSISTENT with your diet or exercise. Have it involves STARTING new habits and sticking with them. Maybe it includes having certain things in place, like a personal trainer or a weekly health food shop. Wherever you are, just start – begin to uplevel your life and vibration incrementally, living AS IF you are already the person you most desire to be.

And before you know it, you’re at least half way there… Every single day has a totally different feel to it, and you realise you are ENJOYING life, you’re incredibly GRATEFUL for what you have, and you’re LOOKING FORWARD to much, much more