honouring your needs

22 Oct Honouring Your Needs

I was rushing (fairly calmly) around this morning, getting ready for our rather insane daily routine, and I suddenly had a moment. You know, where you step outside of yourself just for a blip and with full clarity actually SEE yourself – the you that is inhabiting THIS life, right now.

And honestly? I was astounded.

A year ago I wouldn’t have believed it possible! And that says a LOT, because even a year ago I thought I was doing pretty well…

But you see, the incremental changes and up-levelling that we achieve on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, are often lost on us, because those changes are usually so small as to be almost insignificant. Not to mention being overwhelmed by the times where you seem to be running backwards!

The fact is, here I am, the Queen of Energy Alchemy (haha, didn’t you know?!) and yet I frequently feel like I’M NOT THERE YET! Oh sure, I do pretty well and have an incredible gift in sharing how to bring your life holistically into energetic balance in a consistent way, and YET, sometimes? Sometimes I feel like “WHO AM I to teach this?”

Well, this morning, I realised with full force.

I have completely and utterly turned my life around through using the principles I teach. And today, as I watched myself going through my salt bath & coconut oil self-care ritual for my skin at the same time as making green juice, cooking buckwheat porridge, preparing and cooking omelette for lunch, as well as MAKING COOKIES (at 7am no less!!), feeding and clothing the kids and helping them get themselves ready, dealing with meltdowns and lost socks, washing and drying dishes, finding clothes for myself in the big pile of laundry and finally getting dressed, drying my hair, making up flasks and packing bags, all while feeling the familiar pain/itch nagging at me all over… As I did all of this and more in just an hour and a half and without getting flustered or exhausted, I realised: “Shit, yes, this stuff WORKS!”

Now before we start comparing days, I want to make this clear: all energy is relative. And I know that as an introverted, empathic and Highly Sensitive Person, I am very easily overwhelmed and drained. Kids in particular are my nemesis!! The fact is, I’ve learned how to strategise and CONTROL my energy levels to an extent, so this happens much less frequently than it used to. A few years ago I couldn’t have even DREAMT of a morning like this! And even a year ago I wouldn’t have coped either. But this all points to my PROGRESSION – as I gain better awareness of my core needs and manage these in better, more refined ways, so my overall performance, productivity, daily passion and sense of purpose goes UP!

And I’m blessed to get feedback that this works for my clients too. This is REAL, practical magic folks!

And sometimes, I get carried away with it, because it really feels like the possibilities and my productivity can be ENDLESS in any given day! I really feel as though I could create a kingdom (or queendom?) most days!

But then real life steps in and reminds me I have many, MANY balls to juggle, so perhaps the kingdom creation had better take a back seat just now. And so it is today…

Chatting to my VA this morning, I realised that I had been a bit gung-ho in organising tonight’s webinar and haven’t given myself much time to sort out all the nitty gritty, never mind actually spreading the word! Talk about shooting myself in the foot!

OF COURSE I want to do this subject justice and give you the BEST information I can, in the most aligned way. I don’t want to rush this either for myself OR you, because you really deserve to get the best content in the most optimal, friendly and tech-friendly way possible!

I want to SHOW YOU just how easy your life can be: how vibrant, on-purpose, motivated, inspired, healthy, driven, optimistic and quite fundamentally, energised.

WHEREVER you are right now, I guarantee that you can improve using my method!

Often, my clients are astounded how SIMPLE steps and habit-tweaks can make a HUGE difference to their everyday energy and motivation. And the more they incorporate these new habits over time, the GREATER the results they see. All completely painlessly 

So, in honouring myself and my energy this week as I juggle the school runs with homeschooling a recalcitrant 6yo whilst moving the car every 2 hours between parking spaces, taking client calls and catching up with my own support team, cafe-hopping and writing, creating content, managing admin & techy nitty gritty, maintaining my groups and all the usual email/social media upkeep and mingling, I am giving myself a breather. In alignment with my values, with the work that I do and the principles I promote, I am making an example of myself:

Honour your needs!

I am creating space. I am recognising that I ALWAYS rush, and try to pack too much in! Above all, I am honouring YOU because I want to bring you the best of me and what I have to offer.

Are you ready to seriously take CHARGE and uplevel your DRIVE?

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The 3 major ways that food DOES suck your energy!
    How you can address these issues WITHOUT resorting to crash or faddy diets!
  • Why food ISN’T as crucial to energy generation as you might think…
  • The 3 key personality traíts which may be DRAINING you constantly without your knowledge!
  • 10 magical tips to reaching your HIGHER potential, motivation, sense of purpose and daily productivity and performance!
  • PLUS: Ask Zoë – a special Q & A to get real, direct solutions to your energy problems!

This is NOT a fluffy, woo-woo (though I love a bit of woo -woo myself!) or salesy call. I am gifting you RICH content and tips/tools that you can employ in your life RIGHT AWAY. Why? Because I am really passionate about women just like you (and just like me!) living the life they DESERVE, regardless of chronic illness, children, money or relationship issues, and more. These things don’t NEED to hold you back. You can absolutely start living life the way you want TODAY – bit by bit, or jumping in full-throttle!

It’s your choice.

Are you ready to live a HIGH VIBE life? Sign up for the webinar today!

This class will now take place on Wednesday 28th October at 8.30pm GMT / 1.30pm PDT/ 7.30am AEDT 29th Oct.

Book in to get the full call-in details and free handouts here – tinyurl.com/fixmyfatigue

Let’s fix your fatigue and get you thriving!

I can’t wait to share this gold with you.

Remember, you need to book in to get the full deets – and the call recording for replay (because you might want to keep this baby for future reference!):


I’m rooting for you and I’ll see you on the other side