01 Jan Dream Yourself Into Existence (without the elephant)

Well it’s here. The end of the year. For some, you are already living up the celebrations of the new dawn, while the rest of us wait with mounting excitement, anticipation, and (even for the most sceptical among us), a sense of wonder…

What will 2016 bring me?

Who will I BECOME this year?

What will I achieve?

What dreams will come true?

Like many of my friends and peers, I have been dabbling with my vision boards and “word of the year” and core desired feelings, as well as simply OWNING what I really intend for 2016.

These are ALL powerful tools of manifestation, much more so than your bog-standard “new year’s resolution(s)”.

And yet, I feel there is something distinctly and resoundingly lacking in this whole dream scenario. Rather like the elephant in the room, it’s there, but nobody quite wants to acknowledge it. WHY? Well, simply because drawing up dream boards and wishing your ideal self or life into existence FEELS SO DAMN AMAZING!

It does, doesn’t it? Kind of like when you start a new diet or food plan and you KNOW this time it’s gonna work, you’re gonna be that sexy, slim, hottie with the fabulous buns and tum. WITHOUT A DOUBT.

And then, a couple of days in you lapse and from thereon out you pretty much give up. You blame the plan as being unsuitable (and let’s face it, it probably was), but really you know nobody is to blame but yourself – you just CAN’T stick with the plan, whatever you think/hope/pray/dream you’re going to get out of it…

And there, right THERE, is the elephant.

You see, we get so caught up with WHO WE ARE GOING TO BE that we forget entirely WHO WE ARE RIGHT NOW.

In fact – correct me if I’m wrong – I’ll wage a pretty big bet you’re actually not really sure who you ARE right now. Not entirely.

It’s so damn EXHILARATING living on the edge, chasing after what we most dream of in all its glitz and glamour… So damn exciting in fact that we often end up feeling satiated in part BY those very dreams!

So much so that we think “ach well, it doesn’t matter if I don’t reach X or achieve Y, not really…”

The elephant trumpets loudly.

You see, the elephant KNOWS that you are ignoring it with all your might. And it’s not happy!

What’s more, it will follow you around like a bad smell until you actually acknowledge, deal with it, and apologise.

The elephant (let’s call her Nelly) is in fact YOU.

You at your core. You without the daily quotient of farce and drama. You underneath the layers of conditioning and pretence. You – SOUL you. You as you are RIGHT NOW.

And Nelly wants to be HEARD. Nelly very much wants to be SEEN. Nelly wants YOU to know that there is NO EARTHLY WAY you are going to get THERE without her.

THERE being your wildest dreams. Your ideal self. The hottie, the success magnet, the adventurer.

What makes you think you can BECOME that without first really, truly acknowledging WHO and WHERE you are right now?

Because, let’s be honest, can we? It’s fine to dream our ideal self up, but if you actually INTEND that ideal self to BE REALISED, then you’ve got to get real with yourself.

Pema Chödrön wrote a book called Start Where You Are. If you haven’t yet read it, I’d thoroughly recommend adding it to your new year’s list. Essentially, it’s about staring Nelly directly in the face and getting really sympatico with her. Once you’ve done that, she’ll cease to be big gallumphing Nelly in the china shop (why not mix metaphors; you’re probably drunk anyway!) and settle back into a glowing light right in the centre of your being. Whenever you’re on the right path and making aligned choices, that light grows and GLOWS brighter, but whenever you start wandering off and doubting yourself (or worse, ignoring yourself entirely), the light disappears and Nelly comes back.

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE elephants. But in this case, Nelly is bad news.

Or to be more precise, she cares deeply about you, and will do ANYTHING to make sure you show up for yourself.

Disasters. Dramas. Misfortune. Yep, Nelly can bring it all. Be warned!

But befriend and accept her and you’ll see the opposite coming true.

Alignment, ease, miracles, flow, abundance.

So, when you’re dreaming up your ideals for 2016 this week, do yourself a favour:

Check in with Nelly. Ask her some profound questions, and listen with deep patience and humility. The more you get to know her? The more she’ll help you realise EVERYTHING you wish for this coming year.


Without fail.

Whatever you are up to, have a GRAND NEW YEAR, from my elephant to yours. May all our dreams come true