14 Feb Could a stranger identify your limiting beliefs?

The other night I was listening to the Hay House Radio podcast as I drifted off to sleep, and I was jolted back into consciousness by a question posed by the host, Denise Linn.

She asked the listener to think about how their limiting beliefs show up, and whether a STRANGER could identify them, simply by looking at your life.

It’s a new way of saying “You are what you eat/act/believe”, essentially, but it really caught my imagination. You see, although it’s a terribly hard pill to swallow sometimes (and our ego never fails in throwing up many, MANY reasons/excuses), we ARE the product of what we believe – in every way!

And sure enough, Denise summarised by saying:
“ You will become the effect of your subconscious beliefs”.

WOAH! That seems kind of harsh, doesn’t it? And yet irrefutable at the same time.

Case in point: me.

I would make an educated guess that anyone looking at me and my life could identify the following five limiting beliefs:

She believes she is unwell/chronically ill, and can’t get better
She believes she’s invisible and struggles to cope with ‘visible’ situations
She believes she is not a good custodian of money
She believes she is not a “good enough” mum
She believes she is selfish

Now in themselves, these are pretty universal limiting beliefs – a lot of us will have them, so it’s easy to identify the same in others. However, from the way I live my life currently, a stranger without these same beliefs, could quite easily surmise them.

What do you think a stranger could surmise about YOU and your subconscious belief patterns?

It takes great courage to look at this for yourself, and great awareness. And to do so in full transparency, we MUST take the ego out of it. So, for example, if you really struggle financially then a limiting belief is likely to be that there is NEVER ENOUGH money to go round – that there is a fundamental LACK in the world. And yet your ego may wish to argue that your circumstances, your upbringing, your job, your responsibilities and so on are responsible – NOT your beliefs. However, in fact it is your BELIEFS that inform what comes into your life, and how you live it! Someone with a healthy money mindset may at times be physically “broke” but will never stay in that place long enough for it to become their story: others may call it luck, but in fact it is mindset!

Tony Robbins tells a great story of how he was at his absolute endpoint in terms of finances. He had NO IDEA how he was going to even eat for the next week or so. He had a friend who owed him money and kept trying to contact him, to no avail, and that made him so angry. With his last few dollars he went out to fill his belly at an all-you-can-eat buffet and while there he saw a young man which turned his money mindset on its head once and for all. This boy so entranced Robbins with his impeccable manners and the way he treated his mum, that without hesitation, he reached into his pocket and gave the boy everything he had left, just so that the boy could treat his mum to lunch!

He went home FLYING from this simple action. He had absolutely no sense of lack or worry whatsoever. And he had absolutely NO expectations of what the universe “owed” him. When he got home, he had an envelope waiting for him from his friend, including a heartfelt apology for the delay, and a cheque for what he was owed plus a bit extra. From that day forth, Robbins knew that he would never believe in scarcity again (and NOW look at him!).

In the same podcast, Denise discusses experiments performed on individuals with a split personality. Fascinatingly, it was found that in the SAME PHYSICAL BODY, one personality may be allergic to bees while the OTHER personality is not! When the allergic personality was active, she went into anaphylactic shock, and when the other personality took over, she was fine again! The ONLY difference was the limiting beliefs held by that personality.

Isn’t this just fascinating and also LIBERATING? The idea that it is ONLY our beliefs holding us back, nothing more. And that with the right tools, love, support and habits, we can ABSOLUTELY move through those subconscious factors, and be FREE to be exactly who we most desire.

What adventure would you begin? No holds barred, no limitations or excuses…?

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