17 Jul
What You Focus on Expands

What is it that's REALLY holding you back? This might be the most important thing I've said to date. (And yes, I am going to rant; deal with it or look away now! ALSO: long post alert!!) In all honesty, this is something I'm only JUST beginning...

Are You Denying Your Gift?

What if your greatest flaw, was ACTUALLY your greatest GIFT? I bet right now you're berating yourself in some way for something about yourself. Even in a tiny, subconscious way, that may be SO INGRAINED you don't acknowledge how it affects you. It might be in some...

26 Jun
Write Your Story. Then Step Into It.

What's your story? What does your ideal life and business look like? What's your ADVENTURE? And where does the MAGIC come in? Chances are you THINK you're following your dreams, or striving for them at the very least, but you NEVER QUITE GET THERE and you're wondering WHY?! Do...

21 Jun
Stress Is Not Inevitable.

YOU HAVE CONTROL Stress is an automated response, and is useful in acute situations where you really DO have to act quickly - FIGHT, FREEZE OR FLEE. If you have a drunken driver heading straight for your car, then you're going to be pretty thankful for...

19 Jun
What’s Your Soft Spot?

(I'll show you mine if you show me yours!) One of the things I've learned on my journey - which was a MASSIVE revelation for me actually - is that we ALL have our soft spot. That part of you, whatever it is, that you frequently...