22 Oct
Drop Scones

Yesterday was a day for pancakes - vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, real-food. Oh, and MOST importantly, DELICIOUS! I shared this recipe with my Release Your Raw Potential group and more such recipes (and VIDEOS) are on their way...

20 Oct
3 Reasons You Are Not Achieving Your Goals

Monday again! What does this mean to you? We are brought up in a society which simultaneously reveres and dreads Monday morning… and yet it’s just another day. It is, as you know, what you make it! The energy of a Monday is palpable though -...

are you having fun yet
15 Oct
Are You Having Fun Yet?

This is a public service announcement. [bctt tweet="This is a PSA: It is imperative that you stop everything. Just stop. Now." username="ZoeKMFoster"] No, put that down! I see you. You're not really listening. You think I'm not talking to YOU. JUST STOP. Now...

three stages of energy
09 Oct
Not All Energy is Created Equal (The 3 stages you need to know)

One of the biggest factors I come up against in my work and research time and time again is the idea that to "feel energised" you must literally be bouncing around like a kangaroo. On a pogo stick. On steroids. All. The. Time. It's a hilariously common misconception, and...

cherish your inner introvert
06 Oct
You’re An Introvert – Now Rejoice!

There is too much shame and guilt around introversion, on all sides. And I'm calling BS on it. I'm really, really, REALLY fed up of it. [bctt tweet="Introversion isn't a disease or social affliction." username="ZoeKMFoster"] It's not even an 'exception to the rule': it's estimated that HALF of...

reclaim your energy part 2
03 Oct
5 REASONS YOU HAVE LOW ENERGY (and how to fix it): Part 2

(Missed Part 1? Here it is) So you feel like you've cracked eating greens, and your digestion is top notch. You don't have any niggles or complaints that point to deeper underlying problems. In fact, you're feeling pretty darned healthy in your body, and YES! Your...

01 Oct
Are You There Yet?

This post goes out today to a dear friend. It's my part-attempt as a sincere apology AND a promise to myself that THIS. STOPS. NOW. Because although I've been doing my damnedest to WALK MY TALK and really step up into my truth and my...

reclaim your energy part 1
30 Sep
5 Reasons You Have Low Energy (and how to fix it): Part 1.

You feel tired most of the time. Maybe even ALL THE TIME and you put it down to lack of sleep/the right food/self-care. And in part you are right. But that's not the whole story by FAR. You'd be surprised just how much energy you...

selfish to honour creative needs
27 Sep
SELFISH or SANE? Why you MUST honour your creative needs FIRST!

I'm feeling a little flat today - this week in fact. The truth is, I had expectations for myself this month, and they've not been met. I haven't even approached them, because life has got in the way. And more specifically, important parts of my...