what story are you telling yourself
16 Sep
What Story Are You Telling Yourself?

In my conversations recently, I've noticed a lot of resistance coming up for people. I notice it clearly and instantly because I'm a master myself at creating resistance in my own life. The thing is, this kind of resistance is super sneaky - it's the...

THIS IS WHAT IT TAKES – On dedication and perseverance

(Disclaimer: it's still school hols here so I'm writing this ramble while being constantly interrupted about Lego cars, paper doll outfits, cake and various other 4-6 year-old requirements. Your patience is much appreciated ). Ever wish you could have SO MUCH MORE than you do now,...

31 Aug
MY ZONE OF GENIUS and what I can offer you

It's here - Life Energy Alchemy is LIVE! I am your go-to person if you are feeling stuck, low, lethargic and yet have a BURNING DESIRE to create a life filled with ADVENTURE, MAGIC and INSPIRATION. As part of my re-brand I have been thinking hard about...

25 Aug
TURNING THE TIDE – on egoism vs intuition

I have a huge dream. Many would say impossible. Plenty would argue it is pointless. So why would I even try? Why would I not listen to all those voices, telling me "STOP! Don't be LUDICROUS! You'll fall FLAT on your face! What good can come of it? Don't...

22 Aug
It’s Your Party (and you can cry if you want to)

I feel your pain. I sense your immense frustration. I can hear you say that THIS - in your life right now - is all pretty damn unfair. I get that, I do. I REALLY DO. (I really, really, really do). You want to live life...

15 Aug
Anti-Candida Diet

I've mentioned a few times over the last few months that I'm on an anti-candida diet. I realised I had a candida problem when I started experiencing a bunch of symptoms I thought I'd got rid of with TSW. In fact, I thought I was experiencing...

22 Jul
Why the Drugs Don’t Work (and that’s a good thing!)

3 years ago I was on a cocktail of prescription drugs for my allergies and chronic asthma, eczema, and other random complaints. I spent a fortune at the pharmacy. Whenever I managed to get free prescriptions (like when I was pregnant), I'd make sure and...