01 Jan
Dream Yourself Into Existence (without the elephant)

Well it's here. The end of the year. For some, you are already living up the celebrations of the new dawn, while the rest of us wait with mounting excitement, anticipation, and (even for the most sceptical among us), a sense of wonder...

03 Dec
Are you in Expansion or Contraction?

I won't lie. Things have been TOUGH lately. I feel like I'm teetering on the brink of a great precipice - too scared to let go even though I know I will fly. I WILL! And yet, I hesitate, and dig my heels in further, and cry,...

01 Dec
Because You Asked For It

I'm in the midst of another flare this week, and it has brought a few things forcefully to my attention - things it's time I really stopped ignoring. I wonder what it is you're trying to ignore? To hide away from? To hope it will go...

how to be your own guru
24 Nov
5 Ways to be Your Own Guru

Do you find yourself wondering what you should eat for your most optimum health? You're pretty sure green smoothies and salads are "good" for you, but beyond that you're pretty lost. Should you be vegan, vegetarian, carnivorous, gluten-free, paleo...

15 Nov
The Light in Me Honours the Light in You

You and I and them? We're just the same. Just yesterday I was thinking about how the message that we ARE NOT DIFFERENT is prime right now, yet constantly overlooked. Maybe I knew what was coming. Or maybe it's just that these happenings are EXPLODING all...

its ok to be hard
10 Nov
It’s OK For Things To Be Hard

BE OPEN TO IT BEING HARD! For so long, I thought I was resisting it being 'easy'. I thought I was blocking myself because I felt it NEEDED to be HARD...

are you the only one struggling
05 Nov
Are You The Only One Struggling?

3 things to do when you're at your lowest ebb and everyone around you is rocking life! I know for a lot of empaths, HSPs and introverts that the latest full moon (in all its Supermoon glory) has been wreaking havoc on sensitive, intuitive systems. I...

why is working with me different
03 Nov
Why is Working With Me Different Than Any Other Coach?

For a start, I'm NOT a coach (shock-horror!). I AM: A holistically-trained yoga teacher with over 500 hours of extensive training in EVERY area of yoga. This means I'm qualified to take you on a WHOLE-PERSON journey, from outer to inner and beyond! The tools I use...

honouring your needs
22 Oct
Honouring Your Needs

I was rushing (fairly calmly) around this morning, getting ready for our rather insane daily routine, and I suddenly had a moment. You know, where you step outside of yourself just for a blip and with full clarity actually SEE yourself - the you that...