03 Dec Are you in Expansion or Contraction?

I won’t lie. Things have been TOUGH lately. I feel like I’m teetering on the brink of a great precipice – too scared to let go even though I know I will fly.


And yet, I hesitate, and dig my heels in further, and cry, stubbornly.

It’s too much to ask of me! TOO MUCH!

I WON’T do it. I CAN’T…

And yet I want to… I can just FEEL the relief of letting go, of surrendering

But I’m so scared!

And I’m not sure I know HOW…?

Except… I do. It’s the easiest thing in the world. To trust. To allow. To simply BE without all the internal fight. It’s the FIGHT which makes things so hard!

But all the same… The ever-present niggle of the fearful ego. The niggle that sometimes starts shouting… Maybe it has a point? Maybe I should just STOP right here and pass no further.

Go to ground.

Live a life of regret.

Of What Ifs.

…. And then I notice. I’m tense. My breath is held, my throat is tight, I’m starting to feel trapped in a box and all I want to do is scream and FLEE…

Because I’m in contraction.

Everything is wound up and tightly squeezed into a fat knot.

And in that moment I’m SO GRATEFUL, because the answer is immediate. I breathe. I relax my muscles deliberately. I imagine expanding all of my energies and awareness. And I feel immense, joyful and out-of-this-world RELIEF.

So beautiful. So inviting. I could stay here FOREVER! Why wouldn’t I? Why wouldn’t EVERYone?!

And yet… I don’t. Pretty soon I enter back into contraction, because it’s habit – both mine and society’s. WORRY, FEAR, FRUSTRATION, SARCASM, MISTRUST, HATE… Contraction is the status quo; contraction is the norm; CONTRACTION is KING.

But have you TRIED expansion? Have you truly ALLOWED it? Or is it something you feel somehow ashamed of and move through as quickly as possible to the next TOUGH SHIT THING in your life?

The cycle perpetuates, and you always come back to contraction.

But what if – in a revolutionary new way of viewing life – your default was, instead, an EXPANDED state?


Imagine if THAT is what you always came home to!

The cycle never stops, so don’t even TRY! But you CAN change your default setting – YOUR norm.

Just imagine the possibilities! Of feeling GREAT most of the time! Not just great but LIMITLESS! Because, truly, you ARE. We impose our own, incredibly arrogant and narrow-minded, ARBITRARY limits upon ourselves. And for what reason?

To keep us safe. To keep us small. To keep us IN CONTRACTION.


(Well, you might want to spend some time asking yourself WHY!. It’s a useful exercise.)

How else does contraction SERVE you as your default state? Does it put a smile on your face? Does it light up your heart? Does it attract joyful, positive and generous people into your life? Does it make your day a ‘good’ one?

What 20 things might IMPROVE DRASTICALLY each day – and EXPONENTIALLY over time – if you simply changed this default setting in yourself?

From automatic CONTRACTION to habit-induced EXPANSION?

From FEAR to LOVE.




… And what else? What might become of your circle of friends?

Imagine if we ALL changed our default setting!

(And by the way, I haven’t even MENTIONED illness yet… Dis-ease caused by constriction of the physical, vital, mental, emotional and spiritual…)

The question is not WILL YOU…? Or even WILL WE…? But WHEN…?!

WHEN will we begin to trust, allow, surrender, BE…

WHEN will we stop riding the ups and downs, & start GOING WITH THE FLOW of our natural rhythms? Click To Tweet

WHEN will we become expanded, elevated beings?

Isn’t it time we allowed the transition?