are you having fun yet

15 Oct Are You Having Fun Yet?

This is a public service announcement.

This is a PSA: It is imperative that you stop everything. Just stop. Now. Click To Tweet

No, put that down! I see you. You’re not really listening. You think I’m not talking to YOU.


Now… Tell me this: in this moment, right now, how would you rate the level of FUN in your life?

Be honest! There’s no point pretending to yourself. Be brutal if you have to. Strip back the layers and evaluate: WHAT is fun in your life, WHY, and HOW MUCH are you allowing that?

Because I’ll tell you this one thing I am seeing a LOT just now, and it keeps coming up again and again and again:

We’ve forgotten how to PLAY. How to LET GO. How to simply BE in this moment and REJOICE.

And this singular LACK? Will leave you permanently exhausted.

  • Fretful
  • Afraid
  • Stressed
  • Lethargic
  • Depressed
  • Angry
  • Resentful
  • Fed up

And then some. Because what is life without play?

But Zoë, I don’t have TIME to play! You might say; how ridiculous of me to ask that you fritter away precious time, money or other resources on something so frivolous!

To which I would ask: what is the point, if you’re not enjoying yourself?

Oh but I am! You might reply, a little defensively: I AM! I rough and tumble with my kids, we play games and do crafts. We snuggle on the sofa and tell each other secrets.

Cool! I say, But are you really THERE? Are you living 100% in that joy, in that moment, or are you keeping half an eye on the time, the laundry, the bills, your phone, the longing to get back to your own stuff…

And what about YOUR joy – that which is specifically and unashamedly YOURS?

What does YOUR inner child really want? Does she secretly long to turn cartwheels but you think you’re too old/sensible? Does she want to read her favourite kids’ novel but you tell her not to be ridiculous? Does she want to eat cake for breakfast on Sunday but you are worried that you’ll get fat/break out/cause general outrage?

It’s no wonder we have so many problems. We suppress our propensity for joy on a regular basis. And even when we DO eventually let in a glimmer, almost immediately that little devil appears on our shoulder, whispering into our ear:

  • Be careful now!
  • Don’t get too used to this!
  • Isn’t there something MORE IMPORTANT you should be attending to?
  • What will people say?!

And worse. And like a diligent, sensible adult, you listen. Nodding wisely, sighing a little and shrugging your shoulders, you push yourself back to that place.

  • Of fretting
  • Of fear
  • Of stress
  • Of lethargy, depression, anger, resentment, and general fed-upness.

Because that’s where we belong, right?

This is HOW THINGS GET DONE, right? This is how the bills are paid, the house becomes clean and tidy, the kids are fed, the homework attended to, and so on. Right?

Does that feel good to you?

Does it feel good to do those things from that place?

Or does it actually feel pretty shitty? Does it feel like a chore, obligation or requirement?

What if you allowed in the fun?

Just for argument’s sake?

What if you let in a little silliness on your part? A little self-indulgent naughtiness? Or just plain, good old fashioned PLAY?

What if you listened to your 5 year-old self and said, OK THEN, LET’S DO IT!

And… Here’s the CLINCHER…


Totally losing yourself in the moment, letting the feeling of joy and fun flood your entire being, ALL THE WAY to your core, lighting up those dark recesses you usually overlook or suppress?

Imagine living your life from that place – every day!

Imagine all that other STUFF getting done easily, and with much more enthusiasm and vibrancy, from this place!

When we stop allowing the fun in our lives, that inner light goes out. Our sensible adult selves push our inner child into a box, clumsily tape it over and then stuff it into the tiniest cupboard we can find. Locking and bolting the door, we then walk away with a heavy heart, assuming that THIS IS HOW IT HAS TO BE.

Well I’m urging you to rewrite this script. Right now.

Allow the expression of your inner child. Treat her like your own daughter. Listen to her, and indulge her. At first, she might want to go a little crazy. Be patient! Find a safe place for that outlet. But let it out you MUST.

What does she want?
Can you hear her?
Get really quiet and see if you can tune into her. Has she been throwing tantrums recently, but you ignored her? What was she screaming for?

  • Time?
  • Love?
  • Space to be herself?

What did you most love to do as a child? How did you release pent-up energy? Make a list of 20 things right now and stick it to your fridge.

Now choose one and go do that this instant! No excuses.

  • Let the fun in.
  • Let in the light.
  • Let in the joy.

Even if it seems stupid or crazy.

And BE THERE 100%.

And then? THEN you will have automatically turned up your entire vibration a good few notches. Life will feel good again. Instead of being constantly in-the-struggle, you’ll be in-the-flow. You will LOOK FORWARD to each morning as a brand new day, filled with possibilities, adventure and magic! Opportunities of all kinds will present themselves to you, as if out of the blue. You’ll feel a new determination to eat, exercise and meditate for your highest self, thus taking you EVEN HIGHER on that ascending staircase of ultimate energy, productivity and performance.

You will feel truly alive. Perhaps even for the first time, since you WERE a child.

This is how it can be, every day. You get to choose

Just do it.

For you, for your people and for your country! LET IN THE JOY AGAIN!

This is the end of this public service announcement. Thank you for listening.



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This is a PSA: It is imperative that you stop everything. Just stop. Now. Click To Tweet