10 Jan Are you emotionally DRAINED?

Let’s face it, most of us are. Even if we’re pushing through and making do, our emotional reserves are usually running on fumes.

Isn’t it time you stopped to get some fuel?

I often have this conversation with clients and friends alike – and even myself!

“I know I should stop and refuel but I CAN’T! There’s no time/money/resources for me to do so!”

If this is how you feel, you’re definitely NOT ALONE. In fact, I’d stake my life on the premise that EVERY SINGLE WOMAN feels like this regularly – EVEN the ones who “look after themselves”.

It seems like SUCH an impossibility when you’re torn between a gamut of responsibilities, all screaming for your attention. Work – kids – house – money and bills – car – partner – parents – other family – friends – groups – further education – health – fitness – and so on. The list will never end!

It’s no wonder we’re overwhelmed.

And then there’s the problem of what to even TRY to “fix” this black hole where every ounce of fuel just seems to get gobbled up in minutes! HOW do you keep on top of that?!

It’s one hungry beast, I know.

But maybe, the key is in identifying the MOST EFFICIENT FUEL. And specifically, the one that works best for YOU…

So often I read posts in groups where exhausted women are asking WHAT ON EARTH they can do to relieve their fatigue, and they receive a flood of well-meaning responses ranging from “meditation” to “mani and pedi”! While it’s always GREAT to have such inspiration (and not to mention just a little PERMISSION to “treat” oneself), I’d argue that this approach is JUST NOT CUTTING IT.

It doesn’t get to the ROOT of the issue. In fact, it’s kind of like trying out all of the different fuels available at the petrol station and hoping your car will work on whatever you give it!

UH-OH! Diesel in a petrol tank, anyone?

Quite apart from the inconvenience, I also think this is a terribly CHEAP way of treating ourselves. This SELF which you require to be so ON FORM for your kids, your business/work, your friends…. You want them to get the BEST of you and yet you’re fundamentally NEGLECTING the source energy they will end up receiving!

Just think about that for a minute!!

By cheating YOURSELF, you end up also cheating those you love the most!

Don’t they deserve to get the BEST of you on a regular basis? And by that, I mean of course that your emotional tank is so full and regularly topped-up that NOBODY AND NOTHING can possibly drain it!

Can you even IMAGINE feeling that way right now?

Well, it’s not only POSSIBLE, it’s available to you whenever you want. YES! Crucially, it involves a change in mindset where you CHOOSE to feel emotionally resilient, stable and flexible. That choice is often the hardest part for us women, especially mums!

From there, the next step is to identify the key things which rejuvenate you the most emotionally, even lifting you UP, UP, UP beyond the baseline. These things may be similar but WON’T be the same for everyone. Moreover, employing specific tools and techniques to help your fuel last longer and truly give you the BEST PERFORMANCE will put you in good stead to becoming the most resilient, stable and flexible you possible.

And then? Implement, implement, implement – preferably with accountability!

You deserve to feel emotionally satiated! Yes, you do!

And everyone AROUND YOU deserves to benefit from the incredible positive energy that you can’t HELP BUT RADIATE.

This is exactly one of the areas of energy that we’ll be exploring in my SHAKE UP YOUR CRAZY, 5-day energy turboboost accountability challenge. Let me give you a glimpse of what CAN BE for you, and together with a tribe of incredible supportive women, you can find out first-hand what a difference a few simple changes to your daily habits can make!

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