29 Jun Are You Denying Your Gift?

What if your greatest flaw, was ACTUALLY your greatest GIFT?

I bet right now you’re berating yourself in some way for something about yourself. Even in a tiny, subconscious way, that may be SO INGRAINED you don’t acknowledge how it affects you.

It might be in some subtle way, like in the manner you hold yourself, the way you avoid another’s gaze, the words you use about yourself, or the way in which you automatically breathe when not thinking about it.

What do you feel your greatest flaw is?

What is it about this thing that FEELS like a flaw to you?

Now what does your EGO say? Those automatic thoughts, what are they telling you?

Write them all down just now. You might be surprised what actually comes out.

Acknowledge those thoughts. Give them a bit of space, then look at those thoughts in a really curious way: what do they say to you NOW?

Maybe you feel you are TOO SENSITIVE…. So maybe you’re a highly empathic being?

Maybe you think your BODY IS BROKEN in some way…. So perhaps you are on your path to much greater, expansive opportunities?

Maybe you wish you were MORE CONSISTENT AND ORGANISED… So what if you are actually denying your own natural creativity?

What IF you could reframe your “flaw” as a GIFT?

As YOUR gift, and ultimately your CALLING?

Does that feel immensely scary to you? Well sure, because it requires you to step FULLY into your UNIQUE SELF rather than being a sheep, a follower, one of the pack. Even though you constantly BERATE yourself for not fitting in, get ANGRY that life isn’t easier for you, feel FRUSTRATED that things don’t go your way….

Well of COURSE they don’t, when you’re out of alignment with and IN DENIAL of your truth!

What is YOUR TRUE GIFT lovely?

What can you give the world, as only YOU can?

What will ALLOW you to STOP FIGHTING the current and finally enter your own magnificent flow?

What will ULTIMATELY make your life EASIER?

WHAT is your calling?

Tell me now, in the comments below – or tell me what your struggling with and lets reframe it!