A little bit about me …

I believe in magic, soul-driven purpose and adventure. I believe in choice, and empowerment. I believe as a people, we desperately need to find a way back to ourselves.

I have lived a life of chronic illness – asthma, eczema, allergies, hayfever, chronic fatigue – you name it, I had it! After trying all the usual avenues to fix things, in 2013 I made the decision to stop using topical steroid creams and all prescription medication for my asthma and eczema. What followed was the beginning of my miraculous healing and self-empowerment journey.

Since then I have been passionate about truly holistic healing from the outside-in and have created my signature model using the five energy bodies as detailed in The Alchemist’s Way and my online programmes.

My impassioned writings have been published on HuffPost, Elephant Journal, Annapurna Living and my own blog. I’ve also been featured in The Ecologist, Permaculture, Green Parent, Juno and The Mother magazines.

A born adventurer, tea-connoisseur and cacaoholic, I am also a Life Energy Alchemist and Changemaker, empowering soul-driven women to maximise their energetic potential and unleash their Big Message upon the world and to live a vibrant and empowered, healthful life free from medications.

Zoë Foster - Life Energy Alchemist & Changemaker

I am Zoë Foster,
Life Energy Alchemist and Changemaker.