reclaim your energy part 2

03 Oct 5 REASONS YOU HAVE LOW ENERGY (and how to fix it): Part 2

(Missed Part 1? Here it is)

So you feel like you’ve cracked eating greens, and your digestion is top notch. You don’t have any niggles or complaints that point to deeper underlying problems. In fact, you’re feeling pretty darned healthy in your body, and YES! Your energy is beginning to reach new levels. You’ve even tapped into the breath and just by watching it with increased awareness, you are beginning to realise the immense power held there – that with every full breath you are sending fresh vitality to every one of your cells. Not only that but you are also helping to expel the SLUDGE which contributes to lethargy and dullness.

This is a GREAT start! And it’s only just the beginning…. Of course you can go deeper – MUCH deeper on each of these levels. But for now, let’s see what else we can begin to peel away for you…

Here are 3 more typical reasons you currently experience low energy, and some TOP TIPS on how you can begin to turn these around RIGHT NOW!

3. You focus on the negative

So easy for us all to do, the trick is not to get trapped in this pattern. Our ego wants to protect us – our fragile little inner child – and so it whispers sweet little warnings to us at every opportunity. Sometimes these are helpful (“car coming!”; “pervy man alert!”) but mostly they are not (“you can’t get away with wearing that at your age”, “that woman is laughing at you”, “don’t even THINK about writing that story…” And “oh another rainy day – how awful!”).


Notice these patterns in yourself and begin to turn them around through reframing and prioritising. I find the latter especially powerful: so often we focus on the things we can’t change (like the weather) and make up stories about what that means (it will be a bad day). When you find yourself in this habit, actively choose what’s more important to you, in furthering your hopes and dreams. At the same time you will begin to see what thoughts and associations are particularly draining for you – so you know to phase those out quick-smart! Focus on the stuff that lights you up, enthuses you. It’s not irresponsible OR selfish; it’s self-preserving and it ensures you are working nearer peak form than everyone else around you!

4. You don’t trust yourself

This takes practice for us all, and lots of it. The problem here is that your head (and ego) disagrees with your body (and intuition) much of the time. There then ensues a battle between the two, usually resulting in the head winning (“let’s make a list of pros and cons”), which you feel better about in some ways but inexplicably uncomfortable in others. If it’s the ‘right’ decision, you think, then why does it feel so hard/tricky/restrictive? Going through this battle uses up valuable quantities of energy, so it’s a vital skill to learn how to TRUST your instincts and inner self.


Learn to distinguish between a “love” answer and a “fear” answer when you are making choices from the gut. The former usually feels light, expansive and exciting while the latter tends to feel dark, heavy and restrictive. Notice how it feels for you as you begin to practice with easy options first, like what foods to eat, or which road to take when driving somewhere new. If you ‘get it wrong’, think about what makes it SEEM wrong to you, and what you’re making that mean. Either way, don’t berate yourself, just keep practicing, and see what happens!

5. You’ve lost sight of the bigger picture in your life

When you get caught up in the busy-busyness of everyday life, it’s easy to lose sight of why you’re here. This means you end up rushing around, feeling very task-oriented and apparently DOING lots of things – yet feeling utterly overwhelmed, unfulfilled and exhausted! This is no way to live, but unfortunately it’s what we default to. Luckily for us peak performers, it doesn’t have to be this way!


Firstly, identify your key goals. This does NOT have to be scary, or even grand! When you start out, start out small(*)  (whatever that means to you) and work your way up to bigger things as you feel motivated. For example, a few years ago I basically wanted to become a yoga teacher. That was my main goal. Other goals popped up, like moving to a more beautiful/appropriate family home and losing weight/toning up. Nowadays my goals are much grander (becoming a bestselling author and speaker; travelling with the family around the globe etc), but only because I allowed myself to first start SOMEWHERE, rather than discounting or giving up on my dreams completely. Next, find support and accountability for your goals – do NOT use family or doubting friends for this, but find instead online groups, forums and local meetups that you know will help and be motivational for you. Then step in and just watch how your energy levels leap when you get EXCITED about those goals on a daily basis!

(*)Just make sure that your goals, however small, big or grand, actually mean something to YOU and you’re not doing them because you feel obliged to in some way. (If you don’t really want to lose weight or travel the world, then don’t make them goals!)

I believe 100% in this model.

It never fails to get results for myself AND my clients. But of course, like any proposed solution, there has to be ACTION and FOLLOW-THROUGH taken. It’s one thing to KNOW and understand these concepts and another entirely to IMPLEMENT them!

When you’re feeling permanently low or exhausted, or simply fed-up, it can seem like a mammoth undertaking to give yourself a boost – and sugar, caffeine and carbs become the easy option. Unfortunately, they just make it all worse, totally messing with your glucose levels and healthy adrenal functioning. This means you crash more often, and you suffer from myriad other symptoms like insomnia (even though you’re knackered!), irregular cycles, worsening of allergies, thyroid dysfunction, chills and sweats, even digestive upsets and much more.

The GREAT news is that it can take just a few simple tweaks to give you enough of a boost to feel motivated to do even MORE! Honestly – I’ve tread this path innumerable times myself as well as supporting clients along its length. Often it’s the SIMPLEST of solutions that moves you out of the trenches. The biggest hurdle is making those simple techniques into HABITS which you automatically incorporate into your day, every day, without fail.

And using this model of the Five Energy Bodies, moving from outer to inner, you truly learn to honour every part of yourself whilst generating an EXPONENTIAL supply of energy.

Try it – and let me know how you get on. I’d love to hear. If you have any questions or need some help, comment below, or contact me

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