reclaim your energy part 1

30 Sep 5 Reasons You Have Low Energy (and how to fix it): Part 1.

You feel tired most of the time. Maybe even ALL THE TIME and you put it down to lack of sleep/the right food/self-care. And in part you are right. But that’s not the whole story by FAR. You’d be surprised just how much energy you can generate just from focussing on the right things.

Above all, it’s important to know this: you don’t HAVE energy by default; you GENERATE it. And even more importantly, you can generate energy in LOTS of different ways, not just from drinking coffee or even downing a green smoothie!

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For everyone with CFS or similar, I hear you – I’ve suffered from that too, my whole life. I still go through bouts of it but when I keep these 5 things (in particular) in check, it disappears. Know that I’m absolutely not diminishing your condition. Know too that it IS curable, like any chronic illness, with time and patience.

This week I’m giving you 5 typical reasons you currently experience low energy, and some TOP TIPS on how you can begin to turn these around RIGHT NOW!

Today, we’re starting with primary factors 1 & 2:

You mainly eat brown food
Overall, your gut health is in a poor state, though you might not think so. Unfortunately this is the root cause of (a) lack of energy and (b) ALL chronic illness and disease. I hate to be the granny telling you to “eat your greens” but honestly, it couldn’t be more true. If only we ate at LEAST 50% of our diet as fresh, organic greens, we’d pretty much eradicate common complaints such as allergies, joint pain, fatigue and much more. Of course under this umbrella of brown food lives more specific issues such as gluten and dairy intolerance, yeast sensitivity, sugar overload and so on. Even if you believe none of these apply to you, it’s imperative you begin to look closely at your diet and how it affects you, because small changes can bring about BIG results over a period of time. And often you need to peel away one layer before you can even see what’s lurking beneath.

I used to believe I had a mega-strong digestion, and thrived on carbs! Unfortunately I was also exhausted constantly, had terrible allergies and asthma and was always falling prey to colds, sinusitis and infections. It was only when I started to peel away the layers of my brown-food addictions that my health started to rapidly improve. Is that worth giving up bread for? Hell yes!

Another important point to note here is it doesn’t have to feel like ALL OR NOTHING! This is the biggest mistake people make when trying to adopt a better diet. In fact, radically changing your nutritional intake suddenly can cause more havoc than good, particularly if your gut health is already very poor.

TOP TIP: Add in fresh, lightly steamed green vegetables or salad to every meal. Obviously you can include green juices or smoothies for breakfast or post-workout too. Seaweed sprinkles are also an excellent addition to every savoury meal – I buy a packet of mixed seaweed every few months, and whizz a 1/2 cup up in the processor with a little salt and fennel seeds. It makes an awesome seasoning! At this point, don’t think about removing foods but simply adding in greens – and you can gradually increase the amount as you become used to them. Season with olive oil, lemon juice and sea salt and you can’t go wrong – soon you’ll be CRAVING them, I promise!

You don’t breathe effectively
You may suffer from poor circulation, tense shoulders/neck/chest, poor concentration and lack of focus, belly fat, poor digestion, nervousness/mania or depression, poor self image and confidence, overall lack of vitality and motivation, and so on. You probably also get cross or panic slightly when you are told to breathe more effectively – this is totally normal! My daughter is the epitome of someone who “can’t breathe” and so we have to make it into a game for her BEFORE she needs it and starts to panic.

Know that EFFECTIVE breathing is not simply “deep breathing”; nor is it breathing in a regulated ratio where the exhale is longer than the inhale. While these are useful techniques, they don’t take into account the fundamental skill of breath AWARENESS. This may seem a moot point when you may “know” already that your breathing isn’t great and you need to improve it, but actually it makes ALL the difference, and will be the lynch pin in your revitalised pranic system. In case you weren’t already in-the-know, awareness and mindful control of the breath alone will RADICALLY shake up your limbic system, circulation and central nervous system, ensuring greater overall health, resilience, ability to remain calm under pressure and to deal with the effects of stress.

TOP TIP: Find a few minutes to sit quietly somewhere at least once a day – perhaps at your desk, but outside, or even by a window is better – and close your eyes. Allow yourself to relax, releasing tension from wherever you find it. If you can’t release completely, don’t worry – just let go of what you can and then come to focus on your breath. Without trying to change it, just watch the inhale and exhale as it flows in and out of the body. Let yourself be fascinated by it, following the path through the body. Notice how it affects different parts of your body – what moves, what tightens or releases, how it affects your thoughts and emotions, what differences are generated by the inhale and exhale. Be mesmerised by your own breath. Be amazed at this autonomous act which does not require your conscious thought. Then, slowly bring your awareness back to your body, the room or space you’re in, the sounds around you. Notice how you feel in mind and body, and appreciate this feedback – whatever it is.

This is a great point, if you have time, to reflect on your meditation and do some journalling. But even adding in this few minutes of mindfulness to your day will significantly boost your energy levels AND awareness over time. Add in your green foods, and already you have stepped up the level of action you take each day to GENERATE MORE ENERGY.

There are THREE MORE energy bodies with associated TOP TIPS to in part 2 – click here to read!

Let’s get your energy levels SOARING!


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