I won’t lie to you. I’m going through a very frustrating part of my healing. And whilst I try to support that healing as much as possible with the resources currently to hand, I’m also aware of the need to LET GO of the idea that I even NEED “to heal”.

Because focus on healing creates more need… To heal!

Not just TO BE. To tap into and enjoy full wellbeing.

But there are these constant physical reminders, and so of course it’s frustrating!

As you can imagine, batting myself between these two places of surrender and frustration is pretty exhausting, as of course are my physical symptoms.

To give you a brief idea of where I’m currently at:

  • I get 2-4 hours of very restless sleep per night
  • I can’t function at all until I’ve had my salt bath and moisturised fully in the morning
  • Almost all of my day is spent in pain or discomfort to differing levels
  • I have responsibility for a 5 and 6yo most days: travelling an hour to school each way on weekdays and doing various activities on weekends.
  • During the day I homeschool my 6yo and cafe-hop in town, whilst working on my biz and writing.
  • I often work once the kids are in bed, and after I’ve spent a little quality time with hubby

Now, 4 years ago my life looked nothing like this at all. I was getting 10-12 hours sleep a night and was still exhausted, frequently needing lie-ins and 3-hour naps in the late afternoon. I rarely had to get up early, and I didn’t have the laborious morning skincare routine I have just now.

But I was DEFINITELY more exhausted.

So, when people come to me and say they’re tired because they have so much to cope with in their lives, I KNOW that’s not the real problem. It may not be helping, but fundamentally I know it’s an ENERGY MANAGEMENT issue.

And this is no fault of your own. It’s simply something we’re not taught how to deal with. We are led to believe that energy is FINITE and SCARCE, and that it’s almost badge-worthy that we all go around stressed and exhausted. I know women who compete with each other as to how many plates they are spinning at any one time.


Although I look far from healthy right now, I do know how to manage my energy so I get everything I need done whilst ALSO avoiding burnout OR being a monster to my kids and husband.

This absolutely DOES NOT mean I am constantly bouncing up and down with the joys of Spring, however – that is a totally FALSE VIEW of high, sustained energy. And also, it’s really not my personality anyway!

And like everyone, I have my bad days. Tuesday was one: exceedingly grumpy, tired, out of sorts and comfort-eating just to get through the day.

Yet those days used to happen WEEKLY, not once in a new moon/solar-eclipse crossover!

So, want to know how I generate and manage my energy levels AGAINST ALL THE ODDS?

I recognise that physical energy is just ONE of my resources: there are at least 4 more. Click To Tweet

I recognise that physical energy is just ONE of my resources: there are at least 4 more energy tanks to draw from. Moreover, I know that to get the best out of each energy body, I must “keep it clean” by eating and drinking according to my needs and rhythms, moving and breathing effectively, using meditation and visualisation to maintain a stress-free mind, and ground myself in practices of gratitude and connection to others, as an absolute minimum.

I know that if I feel tired, depressed or lethargic, I need to switch to a different energy tank pronto! Like most people these days, my mental/emotional energy tanks deplete the most rapidly, and for me, I usually find I need to tap into my physical or vital/breath energies to balance back out.

I don’t allow myself to believe in scarcity; I can always generate more energy.

I aim to keep my energy within a ‘safe zone’, neither becoming chronically manic nor depressed. This is the ideal state of sattwic energy – neither violent nor stagnant. This prevents burnout, which I used to be prone to frequently.

I have identified my key energy drains and springs, and avoid/encourage as appropriate.

I don’t self-indulge in guilt, and aim to avoid or transmute negative emotions.

If I’m exhausted and stress levels are rising, I know I need a nap and nothing else will do. Unlike the old days, however, a nap of 20 mins – 1 hour is usually more than sufficient to get me back on track.

I’ve learned to swallow my pride and ask for help to avoid becoming desperate, especially when it comes to childcare.

I recognise when I’m avoiding or suppressing something important: it exhausts me. Many of us won’t realise this, and we spend our lives feeling absolutely whacked because we are denying our core selves the very things which LIGHT US UP inside. This is why it’s so important to get to know each of your energy bodies intimately, and use practices which allow you to understand what they most need. Otherwise you’re ALWAYS playing a guessing game.

I regularly play with energy alignment to maximise the magic. This entails tuning fully into each of my energy bodies and ensuring they are in sync with my true, core desires. I can ALWAYS tell when I’m out of alignment, though sometimes it creeks up on me! Full or even partial alignment really does feel other-worldly, mystical and transcendental… And with patience and diligence, it’s available to every single one of us!

I honour my needs as an introvert, empath and Highly Sensitive Person. This means several things: namely that I need plenty of solitary time, that I easily absorb other people’s energies (good and bad) and must be particularly mindful who I hang out with, and that I’m very sensitive generally to atmospheric energies of all sorts, and must ensure I protect and recharge myself as appropriate.

Ok, so I gave you a bonus one there! In all honesty, I could easily keep going. I’ve lived and learned this alchemy for the past 4 years, and I swear by it. Without it I’d be a gibbering wreck in a lunatic asylum – or much, much worse.

If you treasure yourself, your loved ones and your present and future life, you need to know AND PRACTICE this stuff on a daily basis. There’s no point intellectualising it (believe me, I fool myself sometimes!!), saying “yes, I know I should do that”. That attitude will never serve you.

Forget, for the moment, any notion of ‘high performance’. I know you’re probably not a wannabe athlete or high-flying superstar, but I DO know you want the best out of life. The best out of your family. The best out of your leisure time. The best out of those seedling dreams that keep you awake at night…

At the end of the day, can you say to yourself that you’ve lived that day in the BEST way possible? For YOU? 

Or do you feel like you’ve cheated yourself YET AGAIN?

Do you trot out that daily complaint that there “Aren’t enough hours in the day”?

Do you alternate between wanting to sleep ALL DAY LONG and imagining you had the fire to get up and do WHATEVER you wanted without crashing part-way?

I know exactly how that feels. And again, in all transparency, I’m not where I most desire to be on that journey yet (if anyone ever tells you they are “THERE”, steer well clear of them!) BUT I’ve travelled a zillion miles and a hundred lifetimes from the dark place I was 4 years ago. And it feels incredibly, utterly, truly MAGICAL.

I have my life back; it is mine to OWN. I am in charge!

I am not ruled by FEAR and scarcity notions of time and energy.

I am deliberately creating my ultimate adventure; my NEW STORY. I am releasing the old limiting version of myself.

Think about that for a moment. What would YOUR ideal new chapter be? Or perhaps even, starting totally afresh, your brand new story?

How would you spend each day? What activities would you indulge in, without fear, worry or guilt?

If you had ALL THE ENERGY available to you each day, how would you use it? Click To Tweet

Tell me now in the comments below!! I would really LOVE to hear your answer. And let me know which of these tips really stood out for you the most – maybe even blowing your mind!

Have a wonderful, energised day.