A lesson in boundaries
09 Apr
Too Close to the Action (a vital lesson on boundaries)

[bctt tweet="Boundaries are not rigid. You are not armouring yourself against the world, or standing fast in your own ego: No. " username="ZoeKMFoster"] You're too close to the action I know you want to help, desperately. I know how hard you feel this situation, these thoughts, these...

Zoë Foster, Life Energy Alchemist at Tottiford Reservoir, Devon
09 Jan
The Graceful Year, and the Infinite Spiral of Becoming

As 2016 slips away into the quantum abyss, replete with mass celebrity expirations and hyper-polarisation in world politics, I actually find myself smiling serenely. My Facebook feed does not reflect this, on the whole. Many of us are more than glad to see the rear end...

How to understand your body's addictions and triggers lifenergyalchemy
25 Jul
How to understand your body’s addictions and triggers

This week I realised just how much food is still a stress trigger for me. Not having or eating it, but the possible LACK of it. During the most intense phases of my healing crisis, I would need to eat regularly to keep feeding the crazy metabolism...

real meaning of body love lifeenergyalchemy.com
15 Jul
The real meaning of ‘body love’ and how to achieve it

Last night I snuggled up to my husband, totally naked, for the first time in about 2 years. And being comfortable with it (as in, not silently crying inside because the itch and skin contact was overwhelming me)? That would be about 4 years or...

are those shrinking or growing pains lifenergyalchemy
13 Jun
Shrinking Pains and Learning to Stretch Through Expansion

These last few months I have been in pain. A LOT of pain. And not just sharp, shooting pains either but constant and uninterrupted waves of intense discomfort demanding my attention 24/7. This, after a period of feeling better, and expansion both physically and mentally. Now,...

19 Apr

This last month I almost jeopardised 4 hard years of dedicated work, study, struggle, blood, sweat, tears and a whole lot more besides. In fact, the real truth is, I have spent the whole last year self-sabotaging this one big goal of mine. Plus the rest...

14 Apr
Why it’s Room 101-time for Spoon Theory

First up let me just admit straight out, 3 “facts” about myself in my current existence: I have a chronic illness / disability I have 2 small kiddos I am a raging insomniac (without the rage) Spoon Theory, if you haven't heard of it before, asserts that anyone with...

28 Mar
THE HIGHWAY TO VITALITY: Breathing your way to success

What if you could BREATHE YOUR WAY to success? Sounds simple, huh? And kind of EXHILARATING! I mean, what could be EASIER than breathing FFS? We do it ALL THE TIME without thinking. So breathe. Sure, I can do that… Breathe my way to the top. Be...

11 Mar

I won't lie to you. I'm going through a very frustrating part of my healing. And whilst I try to support that healing as much as possible with the resources currently to hand, I'm also aware of the need to LET GO of the idea...